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Thursday, November 23rd, 2023 7:55 PM

Problem with IPhone Upgrade

I traded in an IPhone 11 Red phone for an IPhone 14 Pro in Feb 2023. I purchased the phone from an AT&T store and did the trade in via UPS. The initial trade-in offer was for $800 as evidenced by an initial 2 months of credit $44.46(2x800/36). The next credit was for $22.23. At around this time, I received an email confirming the trade-in value of my old phone was $800.

I didn’t review my billing for the next few months, but when I next looked I noticed that my credit had changed to $9.73 per month. I reviewed the billing and saw that I had been credited four times at a rate of $9.73 per month in the month after I received confirmation of my trade-in value and all subsequent credits to date have been for $9.73. This implied that my trade-in had gone down from $800 to $350. 

In August I went to an AT&T store and was told I needed to go to the store I purchased my new phone from because there was something “odd” about the history on my account. I went to the original store to be told that I had traded in a Samsung Galaxy Zfold 25G phone, and that all the members of the store (including the manager) had been fired since I had purchased the phone and that there was something odd about the history of my account. Since I have never owned a Samsung device in my life and the store manager could see that my original phone was no longer linked to the account it was clear that I traded in the old iPhone for a new iPhone. I was told that the manager of the store would follow up with the regional manager to see what they could do to help. Being a happy AT&T customer I assumed that they would fix the problem and I would not need to follow up further.

Fast forward to November and no action had been taken on the account so I visited the store again. This time the same manager took time to acknowledge that we had met and that there was a problem. Then it became clear that a discussion with the district manager had happened and that it was all my problem now. I hadn’t acted fast enough and there could be no resolution to the problem. I was told that I had signed an agreement that made it clear I would be responsible for any inconsistency if I didn't get back to AT&T quickly enough. When I asked for a copy of the agreement I was told I should have kept a copy of the agreement I signed and that there was no copy in the store. I asked to meet with the district manager to discuss and was told that I would get an email confirming a time to meet - no email has been received as of yet.

I then tried calling the number on the email I received confirming receipt of my old phone by AT&T. 75 minutes later we had established the fact sequence that I had exchanged a phone for my new IPhone, but the only record for the exchange was for a Galaxy Zfold etc… I was asked to verify the last part of the statement and would not to do so and was told I would be transferred to the “Tradein department”. I spoke for about 10 seconds before someone hung up on me.

I called the contact number again, this time I got a very helpful representative who was willing to get all the history and was working with the “Trade-in department” to resolve my issue, but could not resolve it - primarily because while he could see that I was no longer using the original Iphone 11 since I purchased my new device and that I had been issued an initial credit that was consistent with the promotional offer on an Iphone 11 at the time, the Trade-in department only had a record of having received a Samsung device as my trade in (even though the original correspondence indicated that the value of the trade was $800 - though sadly that link is no longer available, even though I saved the email). It is worth noting the number of times that trade-in devices are not being correctly linked to the owner's accounts - perhaps a smart lawyer might be thinking class-action (Edited per community guidelines) here. Again I was offered to be transferred to the “Tradein department”. I asked if there was a direct line and the answer was no. I asked to speak to a manager and one wasn’t available. Reluctantly I was transferred again and yet again they hung up after I spoke for 10 seconds.

I am curious if there is anyone in AT&T customer service who actually provides customer service???

I did receive a response to a previous post, but did not respond to the DMN quickly enough because I thought that DM in this case meant a text to my phone and not a DM using this interaction. I hope to get another chance to interact with someone from AT&T

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5 months ago

Sounds like the store you went to was an AT&T Retail Store and not an AT&T Corporate Store. Retail Stores are not owned or operated by AT&T and are not staffed with AT&T employees. They are known to make "mistakes".

If it was in fact a Retail Store (they look exactly like a Corp Store so it pays to ask when you go in), then you technically did business with them and not AT&T. That being said, if ATTHelp can't resolve the issue, which is doubtful, then your best option is to file a complaint with the BBB. That will be forwarded to AT&T Corporate and someone from the Office of the President will contact you. That's as high up in AT&T that a customer can go for help. If it was a Corporate Store, then still file the BBB complaint.

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4 months ago

Thanks for your advice. I filed a complaint t=with the BBB and was put in contact with a person in the Office of the President and they were able to resolve the issue.

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4 months ago

Hello @Mendham12, thank you for reaching us!


We're glad to hear your query was answered and concern has been resolved. Please feel free to reach us back if you have any further questions.


Thank you for contacting AT&T Community & Forums.

Mike, AT&T Community Specialist

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