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Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 12:03 AM

Problem with Iphone 11 trade-in - wrong device recorded against my trade-in

I traded in an IPhone 11 Red phone for an IPhone 14 Pro in Feb 2023. I purchased the phone from an AT&T store and did the trade in via UPS. The initial trade-in offer was for $800 as evidenced by an initial 2 months of credit $44.46(2x800/36). The next credit was for $22.23. At around this time, I received an email confirming the trade-in value of my old phone was $800.

I didn’t review my billing for the next few months, but when I next looked I noticed that my credit had changed to $9.73 per month. I reviewed the billing and saw that I had been credited four times at a rate of $9.73 per month in the month after I received confirmation of my trade-in value and all subsequent credits to date have been for $9.73. This implied that my trade-in had gone down from $800 to $350. 

In August I went to an AT&T store and was told I needed to go to the store I purchased my new phone from because there was something “odd” about the history on my account. I went to the original store to be told that I had traded in a Samsung Galaxy Zfold 25G phone, and that all the members of the store (including the manager) had been fired since I had purchased the phone and that there was something odd about the history of my account. Since I have never owned a Samsung device in my life and the store manager could see that my original phone was no longer linked to the account it was clear that I traded in the old iPhone for a new iPhone. I was told that the manager of the store would follow up with the regional manager to see what they could do to help. Being a happy AT&T customer I assumed that they would fix the problem and I would not need to follow up further.

Fast forward to November and no action had been taken on the account so I visited the store again. This time the same manager took time to acknowledge that we had met and that there was a problem. Then it became clear that a discussion with the district manager had happened and that it was all my problem now. I hadn’t acted fast enough and there could be no resolution to the problem. I was told that I had signed an agreement that made it clear I would be responsible for any inconsistency if I didn't get back to AT&T quickly enough. When I asked for a copy of the agreement I was told I should have kept a copy of the agreement I signed and that there was no copy in the store. I asked to meet with the district manager to discuss and was told that I would get an email confirming a time to meet - no email has been received as of yet.

I then tried calling the number on the email I received confirming receipt of my old phone by AT&T. 75 minutes later we had established the fact sequence that I had exchanged a phone for my new IPhone, but the only record for the exchange was for a Galaxy Zfold etc… I was asked to verify the last part of the statement and would not to do so and was told I would be transferred to the “Tradein department”. I spoke for about 10 seconds before someone hung up on me.

I called the contact number again, this time I got a very helpful representative who was willing to get all the history and was working with the “Trade-in department” to resolve my issue, but could not resolve it - primarily because while he could see that I was no longer using the original Iphone 11 since I purchased my new device and that I had been issued an initial credit that was consistent with the promotional offer on an Iphone 11 at the time, the Trade-in department only had a record of having received a Samsung device as my trade in (even though the original correspondence indicated that the value of the trade was $800 - though sadly that link is no longer available, even though I saved the email). It is worth noting the number of times that trade-in devices are not being correctly linked to the owner's accounts - perhaps a smart lawyer might be thinking class-action (Edited per community guidelines) here. Again I was offered to be transferred to the “Tradein department”. I asked if there was a direct line and the answer was no. I asked to speak to a manager and one wasn’t available. Reluctantly I was transferred again and yet again they hung up after I spoke for 10 seconds.

I am curious if there is anyone in AT&T customer service who actually provides customer service???

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ACE - Master


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5 months ago

Generally, the DMs don’t last forever.  If you’ve waited 2 days to check for a DM, it’s expired.

Community Support


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5 months ago

We're here to help you with the information that you require @Mendham12.

We are going to reach out to you in DM to take a look at account details. Please look out for a DM notification from us. 


Looking forward to speaking with you!


Thank you for contacting AT&T Community & Forums

Dominic, AT&T Community Specialist

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5 months ago

Thanks Dominic, I haven't heard from you yet, how many days after a post should I expect to hear from you?

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5 months ago

Thanks, but I never received a DM and have received no other communication from ATT since the response on this forum. Any other suggestions?

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