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Sunday, September 24th, 2017 6:14 PM

Pre-ordering the iPhone X

On October 27th I want to pre order the iPhone X the second it goes live in the Apple Store app and I want to know what it's going to ask me after I pick out the color and storage option I want. I'm upgrading from an iPhone 6S Plus on AT&T Next and I'm going to pay off the money I owe on the phone to be upgrade eligible before October 27th. I want to know the quickest way to checkout in a matter of seconds because latest news is showing it's going to be very hard to get and I want to get one for release day.

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6 years ago

I don't think anyone will know the options until a few days before preorder.

As for the order process:

Shipping is to your address of record only, make sure it's current.  

You will need you login and PIn code.  You will need to pay sales tax, so have a credit card with enough balance to cover it.  


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