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Wed, May 20, 2020 12:25 AM

Please forward this outstanding service to Andrews Manager


I would love to have an employee with the AT&T company recognized for his wonderful service. I had a horrible experience today that lasted about 4 hours with your company. I was ready to cancel my account of 15 years as a loyal and excellent customer with your company. I was also on the verge of contacting the FCC and BBB to file a complaint because I was so disappointed in AT&T. I had received a offer from the retention department a few weeks back on upgrading 1 of our 4 lines of service. It was a iPhone 8 Plus 64 gb. Upgrade fees waived and only paid 99 cents for the phone with signing a new 2 year contract. Wonderful offer! I was told I should receive the phone within a week or so. I then received another email a week later that it was going to be even longer. I called in and asked if there was anyway to expedite the process so we could bring the phone with us before we went on vacation June 1, 2020. The representative I spoke to said that if I found the same phone in a local store I could pick it up there instead to get it sooner. He said I would need to cancel my current order if I did that. I said I would check my local stores and call back to cancel if I found one. After contacting 3 stores I found one 20 miles away. That store told me when calling that yes they had 1 phone left and would hold it for me. I said could they cancel the order once I got to the store and received the phone they had. The representative said no they can’t do that for me to call and cancel the order by phone and they would hold my phone there at the store. So I then called customer service back and cancelled my order and proceeded onto the store. Once there the rep in store said I would not be offered the same promotion that my promotion was only offered via phone via retention. Ok so now I’m a little upset that I was never advised of this info from any of the reps prior to canceling this order or going into the store but I’m calm enough to say ok I’ll just call back and order again and wait for it to be mailed. So I make the call from inside the store to retention again to reorder what I was just instructed to cancel. The girl on the phone tried seeing if she could maybe get me a similar deal by calling the store herself and placing me on hold. She returns and says she is unable to get the same deal. I said ok no problem just reorder the same phone you had me cancel and I’ll wait. She then tells me that my phone I had just cancelled an hour prior is no longer available for purchase option they are out of stock! Now by this time I’m really upset. I followed what they said and found the phone nearby and also cancelled my current order like they told me to do and traveled 20 miles to the store who said sure we’ll hold it come on down only to just be left with no phone AT ALL! The girl then says for $48.99 I can get you the same phone but 128gb. I have been with your company since 2005 and loyal the whole time. My bill is never less then 200 a month and your telling me whoops sorry we messed up but if you pay 49 dollars I can get you the same phone with a little bit more memory. This was totally unacceptable to me. I followed what you told me to do to only be stuck paying more money for something I had already ordered for 99 cents. The memory GB of the phone made no difference to me. 64 GB was plenty!!! After being on the phone by this time over an hour and traveling 20 miles to a store and being put on hold no exaggeration over 10 times or more for various amounts of time I ask to speak to a manger. I’m then transferred and left listening to hold music for 5-10 minutes to be connected with someone in billing for Direct TV. I ask her if the prior rep I had been speaking with for over an hour explained what was happening she said ummm no. After telling her now My whole dilemma and that I would like to talk to a manger in the cell phone customer service she then transfers me again to be placed on hold. Someone new now answers the phone and is also unaware of why I’m calling. I explain to her the whole process AGAIN and tell her to please just transfer me to a manger because I am getting NO help from anyone who has answered my calls thus far or any reliable information or recommendations from any rep of your company. She then says she can open a ticket and have a manger call me back within 48 hours. I said absolutely not I have been on a rat race with your company by this point going on 3 hours now and I expect to speak with someone in charge I will hold till that can be possible. I’m placed on hold again and then within a few minutes greeted by a manager named Andrew- AE7264. He listened patiently to my frustration, rudeness and anger. He understood that I had been through the ringer for the last 4 hours and that I had not received fair and just service for my experience I had just spent driving and talking on the phone for 4 hours. After placing me on a brief hold and looking over my account and your guidelines he offered to credit my account some to offset the cost some of the new offered phone for $48.99 and his greatest apologies. I was thrilled to hear the compassion and understanding in this mans voice and him to acknowledge that your company had been in the wrong for instructing me to cancel a order you offered that you could no longer deliver. Also for causing me a rat race of a day that could have been avoided if your first representative would have listened/understood/knew the guidelines before sending me on this horrible experience. I was satisfied with just knowing that 1 person in your entire company cared/listened and understood my frustration and appreciated my long standing loyalty that I have shown your company for over 15 years. I expected the same loyalty in return but did not receive it till Andrew was on the line. Please acknowledge this man for his great customer service skills and having empathy to understand my experience. He is a great asset to your company and deserves to be recongnized for the great work he does. Again Andrew Thank you for you help and understanding. You represent your company well.


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2 y ago

Hello, @Jganoe1,


Thank you for the accolades. We'll happily pass them along to Andrew's manager and we're happy to learn matters have been resolved.


Let us know if we can assist with anything else.


Have a great week.


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