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Monday, March 7th, 2022 12:46 PM

Phone Delivery by Enjoy (Avoid at all costs!)

I recently had a cellphone I ordered from AT&T delivered by Enjoy. I feel the need to provide feedback on the service. 

The positive:

  • The employee was very friendly and pleasant.

The negatives: 

  • The employee changed my plan without my permission (from AT&T Unlimited Elite to AT&T Unlimited Extra). I did not ask for this and did not give permission for this. 
  • Additionally, she attempted to get me to sign up for insurance without explaining it to me (said it was to give me a $5 discount, but the accept or decline screen said I was accepting insurance, which I did not ask for and was not told that is what I would be signing, so I declined).

Being warm and friendly does. not make up for very unprofessional business practices. I will never use the Enjoy service again and am very hesitant to order my phone from AT&T in the future. 

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