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Fri, Dec 5, 2014 3:51 PM

No discount on Family Data Plan

I have been with AT&T for many years. I started with 4 Galaxy S3 cell phones on our Family Share Plan. When I first had a Family Data Plan was when each of our cell phones had the share unlimited calling and text and a 200mb data per phone. Then came a new Family Data Plan with unlimited call and text and I picked the 10gb Data to share to take advantage of the discount that that plan gave per phone, (normal $40 a month per phone with a $25 discount a month per phone). Two months ago, my granddaughter asked if she can be added to my Family Plan, she has her own phone. I added her and she receives the same discount as the rest of our phones. Last month I seen that our Sams Club was going to have sales for the Galaxy S5's. I called AT&T and told them what my plan was. Since my S3's were coming off of contract next April 1st, if there was a way when that bhappens to port the S3's phone numbers to the new S5's and get rid of the new S5's phone numbers that will be assigned when purchased. I told them that I wanted to take advantage of this sale now instead of waiting till April and maybe not finding a sale then. I called at least 3 times in a two week period and talked to AT&T about this upcoming purchase. I bought 4 new S5's and put them on the Family Share Plan. Last night my daughter called and said that my granddadughter's phone had broken and that she will give her old S3 to her. She asked me to call AT&T and have my granddaughter's LG phone taken of the plan. I called AT&T and requested that action be done. The rep then looked at the monthly cost  and the data usage history and said she could same me money by putting me on a lower Data Plan and told me something like close to $300 a month. I asked why so much and was told that since the S5's were bought at a reduced price on a two year contract, that each one would be $40 a month with no discount. I didn't understand why. She went on to explain if I didn't buy it on the Next program that there wouldn't be any data discount and that's the way it is. I said no one ever told me this either when I called three seperate times to AT&T or when I purchased the phones at Sams Club. I went on line and nowhere else does it mention this new policy except on the Rate Plans themselves. Mind you I was not looking for a Rate plan since I already had one I liked established. This practice really upset me, very deceptive. I will consider another provider when my current two year contract is up. AT&T you lost a loyal customer.  



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6 y ago

Your dispute is with Sam's club, not AT&T.
You also don't understand the Next program.
with Next, you have 3 parts to your bill.
1. The line charge of $15 per line
2. The shared data, 10 GBs for $100
3. The monthly payment on the new phones. (Approx. $28 per phone )

Under the old plan (the $40 per line plan) you would pay a fee upfront for a phone. For example the GS5 would be $299 each in advance, plus sales taxes and the upgrade fee ($30 each phone), a total of more than $1,320.

Under the Next plan, you pay only for taxes upfront and the upgrade fee, then pay off the phone monthly.

Either way you pay for the phone.

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6 y ago

  You might be right, I didn't understand the Next program. I have been on the 10GB Data Family Share Plan since they first implimented it. Prior to that time, all 4 of our Galaxy S3's had been on a 200MB plan each, as required because they were smart phones. I was happy that AT&T came out with the Family Share Plans. I picked the 10GB plan because anything lower, the phone's discount was reduced, 10GB or higher, you receive a $25 discount per phone from the normal $40 charge. My bill decresed about $35 a month.

  Before I went and purchased the new Galaxy S5's, I called AT&T at least 3 times and talked to customer service. I told them what I planned on doing, purchasing the new S5's now at a sale price instead of waiting another 5 months, that's when the S3's come off contract, to try and find a S5 on sale. I asked if I could transfer the old S3's phone numbers to the S5's when the S3's come off contract. I was told the S3's phone numbers had to be turned back into the carrier that first provided them. NO ONE at AT&T mentioned the Next Program and that I will not get a discount per phone if I purchase them on a 2 year contract, NO ONE.

  So I purchased the S5's on a 2 year contract at Sams Club. The sales rep asked what Data plan I wanted and I told him I was already on a 10GB Family Share Plan. He also did not tell me about the Next program.

  No where except on the AT&T Data Plan web page that I found, does it mention what discounts are given and what progams you have to be on to receive them, Since I am happy with the Data Plan I am on, I didn't bother looking at different Data Plans and never went to that web page. So I didn't know that I wasn't getting the discount.

  I since talked to AT&T and explained what happened and they agreed to give me a credit to my bill. I also asked who owns the phone if I pay the Early Termination Fee?. They said I would and that I can do anything I wanted with the phone if paid, ie sell, add it to my Family Share Plan as a Bring Your Own Phone. I have talked it over with the family and they agree that we pay the Early Termination Fees two phones a month then add back to the plan. In the long run we would save about $250 each phone over the 2 year period. Plus if I decide I wanted to drop AT&T, I wouldn't have to wait till the S5's come off contract.

So, I blame AT&T, Sams Club and myself for either not being told or not finding out that these new phones will not get a discount unless using the Next program or buying them out right.

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