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Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 12:53 AM

New phone upgrade

I've been advised I'm eligible for an upgrade. Went to store & rep upgraded our "service" to 10GB. Great! Then when I wanted to get a new phone just as my spouse did a few months back, I couldn't get the SAME thing for $ .99! So ok, I'll get a newer version but no matter what, I'm out of pocket today no less than $45. UNFAIR!! Look how long we've been customers. It would seem to me that's the least you guys could do is waive this charge!!!! What's the deal?

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9 years ago

AT&T runs specials once in a while. Your wife must have gotten a special. Just because she did, doesn't mean the special price is still available. You have to pay the price at the time of upgrade, not what you think you need to pay.



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9 years ago

It sounds like your spouse renewed a two-year contract.  It also sounds like you looked at purchasing a phone on the Next plan which allows you to upgrade at any time, but you are financing the full cost of the phone (~$600) in installment payments.  With Next, you pay the sales tax upfront and the rest of the cost of the device over 20 or 26 months.  You can still get a new phone on a two-year contract if it has been two years since your last upgrade, but you will pay more monthly for your device fee if you do a two-year contract for a device now.

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