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Monday, July 10th, 2023 6:52 PM

Multiple Questions ( ATT NEXT UP )

( Back story to my questions)

So i have next up, i went into my local ATT and started my process to upgrade using ATT NEXT. They inspected my current phone and said everything looks good for turning it in and getting a new one, but they didnt have the phone i wanted to upgrade to but they said the store in the next town over does, so i drove over there. When i get there and repeat the whole process they inspect the phone and they say they cant take it because of a scuff on the corner and to do an insurance claim and get it fixed then come back. So i go to the repair place they sent me and the guy working essentially laughs and goes to fix this tiny scuff i would have to replace the entire screen and everything else along with it which is a waste of time and money. He tells me to call the ATT Insurance claim reps and ask them if they think I should get it fixed or if they think its fine for the trade it. Call them and go through the whole process and they essentially tell me that's not enough damage for a claim and as long as there is no cracks, smashes, missing buttons and is in full working condition its ok to trade in. So I go back to the store and tell them all of this. They say " we can do the trade in but they may deny it once they receive it then you will have to pay a remainder of the installments on this phone. "  They said if that does happen then I will receive the phone back as well.  So I went with the upgrade and sent the phone in. 

1: Why is one store telling me the phone is good for the trade in and the other is saying its not? 

2: Will they notify me if it gets approved or just if its denied? Any one who has done ATT Next have an knowledge on the process after you turn in the phone and how long it takes for them to notify you if it was denied or approved? 

3: If you have been denied, How long did it take for you to get the phone back?  

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11 months ago

Once the phone is traded you won’t ever get it back it doesn’t go to AT&T it goes to a 3rd party recycler 

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11 months ago

Without a picture to get some idea of how much damage we're talking about I cannot express a personal opinion.. 

But there is a difference between a next early upgrade return which expects you to return and essentially pristine phone back to AT&t in order to upgrade early.

And a trade in which values the phone within a certain dollar range in order to qualify for trading in a fully paid off phone which may not be in pristine condition for bill credits against a new phone.

Based on your post you're looking to do a next up early upgrade.  Yes the scuff is minor, I wouldn't worry about it. But if we're talking about a crack that goes all the way through or true physical damage, it's very likely that you make it charged for the remainder of your installments.  

You could order your phone from the guy who said your phone was good to go for pickup at his store, and take your chances.    Or insist on the insurance repair, which cost what $29 deductible?  

   Your call

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