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Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 3:00 AM

Misleading Phone Plan Switch



My family recently changed to the AT&T family plan at the store in Missouri City Texas, that we all see on the commercial with the baby, and my parents did not have smart phones. When we went to the store to switch plans one of the customers service reps helped us pick a new phone and told us about the 12 month or 18 month plan, but failed to mention the very small print on the bottom or show us it. 12/18 months does not buy you the phone, but 20/24 does. This is very misleading and very disspointing to find out about this only after my dad asked the right questions in the store 2 months later. 


We also bought my mother a new smart phone because we thought the 12 months was a good deal, but again we were mislead. 


The customer service is misleading my family to think that the phones were cheaper than they were because of the hidden fees. This whole situation is very unethical of your company. 

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10 years ago

Hello @pmwann 


I apologize for any confusion, the plans are called 12 or 18 months, meaning you can upgrade to a new phone in 12 or 18 months, but the actual pay off time is longer. Did you receive a Customer Service Summary at the time of the upgrade?




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10 years ago

You may have been mislead, but you still don't understand how the plan works. Below is the quote from AT&T information on the "Next" plan, which you signed up for.

"Any time after 12 or 18 monthly installments, you may upgrade to a new AT&T Next smartphone! As long as your current smartphone is in good and working condition, you are eligible to upgrade to a brand new one. Or, you can choose to keep your current smartphone, and after 20 monthly installments (AT&T Next 12) or 24 monthly installments (AT&T Next 18), your smartphone is paid for, and no more installments are required."



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9 years ago

When you signed up for AT&T Next, one of the documents you signed was the installment agreement.  Just like any form of credit, it tells you the amount to be financed (phone price - full retail), interest rate (0%), and the term (20 or 24 months).  This is the document you should have paid attention to.  Anytime you sign any credit related document, you need to read the fine print.  If there's anything you don't understand, ask.  It's not too late to back out until you have had the device for 14 days (the return period).  Although if you leave the store with the device, a restocking fee will apply.

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