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Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 2:40 PM

iPhone 15 Pro Upgrade Issues

I transferred my wireless service from T-Mobile to AT&T on Sep 15 and my phone was paid off. I was told in the store that I would be able to upgrade and take advantage of the trade-in promo of up to $1000 to upgrade to the new iPhone 15 Pro. However, this turned out to be false and then I was later told by Customer service that I need to wait 60 days if I bring my own device into AT&T to upgrade. I reached out to multiple people through different channels and I was able to pay a 30% downpayment + Sales tax to order the new iPhone 15 Pro. However, now there are 2 issues - 
1. AT&T order confirmation website is asking me to accept the terms and conditions, even though I have already accepted the terms and conditions.
2. It's also asking me to call 866.895.1097, which is the number port line, and when I call them it says that the number was successfully ported and there is nothing left to do.
Have other people faced similar issues? What is the best way to resolve this so I can get the new iPhone as soon as possible?

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