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Friday, February 3rd, 2023 2:54 AM

I went into the AT&T store to upgrade both of my Iphones And this is what I was offered.

I went into my local AT&T store to upgrade both of my iPhones a 12 pro and a 12 pro max to their corresponding 14 models.  I wanted to use the current trade in program being offered, and I knew that I would have to pay off the current balance on each phone.  I was also aware that I would need to upgrade both lines to the new unlimited plans @ $75 each.  The CSR that was helping me too down my info on the color and models of phones I was wanting, and she told me she was going to go check to see if they had the models in stock.  15 mins later she came back and said that they had the phones and we’re working to save me as much money as possible.  Again, about 10 mins later she came out to me and said we are trying to get you the best deal we can, but wanted to know if there was a tablet or watch or something else that I wanted, and it would help me save more.  I told her no, there is nothing else I need.  She leaves again and 10 mins later comes back with the attached piece of paper, and said here are the two options that we have for you.  I knew that I did not want to keep my current plans, so option 1 was out.  So on to option 2, she explained to me that they were able to save me a lot of money with this plan because they were able to add a line, and were able to bundle everything together with protection plans, and this was the best the could do for me.  I asked for a breakdown of the plan as far as costs because I was not interested in what they had to offer, and I did not need the extra line or protection plans.  She pointed behind me and when I turn my head her manager was standing behind me, so I knew the CSR was new at that point.  I asked the manager to breakdown the costs and I would let her know what I wanted.  She explained to me that she herself has 5 lines and it saved her all of this money etc, and she just stood by what was on the paper and that is what they could do.  I explained to her again I don’t want the extra line or the protection plans, and she just stood there smiling awkwardly.  She told me that the price she gave me was the TRUE PRICE, and that the internet, or calling in and order does not give me the TRUE PRICE. I apologized and told them that I was sorry for wasting their time and I had to go do a bit more research before making a decision.  
I made a call to AT&T and they told me I did not have to get all of that stuff and for what I wanted would cost me $182/ month.  They just wanted to push their upsells on me and tell me they were saving me money. 

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1 year ago

No no no no no no no no no no. This is complete manure. She lied to you to cost you money.

There's absolutely no reason to deal with someone who's going to lie with you so don't do business with that store ever again. Please go to the online AT&t website and look at what is offered. You can go through your account, upgrade your phones, sign up for the trade-in deal, and it will show you everything.

The cost of the three current plans are listed online. The minimum current plan required to upgrade with the trade-in deal is the starter plan which for a single line is $65 after auto pay and paperless billing discount $60 each for two lines.   The more lines you have, the more the average price per line drops. The starter plan is not the best. The extra plan is a little better and that plan is 75 for one line, or 65 each for two lines. That's $130. There is no offer that requires you to add anything else.

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