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Thu, May 31, 2018 4:16 AM

I am at the end of my rope with horrible experience upgrading a phone

To describe the situation literally took me an hour putting it in writing because it had gotten so complicated that I feared trying to address it via a phone call ( which would have been perhaps my 10th session in an ongoing saga)    I tried to convey the situation through Direct Message to the Social Media people on both Twitter and Facebook.  Even though on Twitter they said "please DM and we will help you " they did not even RESPOND with a courtesy message after I sent the description of my problem.  So I tried Facebook and I got such a canned response I am pretty sure it was a bot.  My son is now going on almost 2 weeks without a functioning phone because of their repeated systemic issues and I am close to losing it. 


Long story try to be short:  Ordered a phone.  Promised in 2 days.  Didn't arrive, didn't ship.  Was just "stuck"  They told me the only solution was to cancel it and reorder.  So I did.  Showed as cancelled on my web account. Received the second order.  Phone broken - DOA- no GPS functionality.  About to start the return/replace process and the CANCELLED order arrived. So they shipped both orders in spite of cancellation.  I am just trying to get them to allow me to return and refund the broken phone and activate the second"cancelled order" phone.  I have been explaining this till I can't breathe or type anymore to them but they are not saying "okay you can return the broken phone" and "go ahead and activate the second phone"    I have paid for two phones ($1500 total from my account) and I have ZERO working phones.  I started this on May 17 and it is now May 31.


OH yes and we have been loyal customers for more than a decade paying hundreds a month.  I am spitting mad.

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