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Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 4:49 PM

Forgotten loyal customer.

To Whom It May Concern, 


I am writing to you after chatting with your online representative Jessica today. I wanted to discuss one of your promotions you had running. I currently have the Galaxy S7 that has been defective from the start with the Micro SD slot not functioning without mailing in my phone and going with a phone for over a week. Which I cannot go without a phone for that long of time period. So I wanted to discuss the 50% off a new Galaxy S9 if you have DirectTv but after discussing with Jessica, I realized this was another promotion where you had to be a new line for AT&T. 


I would love to give you some back story on my account. My Father; the account holder, has been with At&t for about 20 years. We have been with you guys through the name change of Cingular Wireless and back from the Nokia 6100 "brick", Motorola Razor, LG Shine days. I personally have been with At&t including the same number since I was in 6th grade and I'm not 26. Since than we have added a few extra lines, with the most recent line on the plan since probably 2009. As you see, my family has been a loyal At&t customer. We have never been a family that bounced around network to network. 


While I enjoy At&t and the products you have. My issues that I have is you only have promotions to reward new members and nothing to loyal customers that have been with you through the years. I just wish once in the while you offer a promotion to those customers that have already contributed to your success and paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars already. A good company practice would not only strive to make new customers but to make existing ones happy. My line has $100 dollars before it's able to upgrades and my fathers have been available for an upgrade for a very long time but since it's so expensive to upgrade phones, that hasn’t been an option. I am writing to you to ask if At&t can consider making a promotion that rewards the loyal customers. If that isn’t an option, I’m asking if there is anything you can do to make this loyal customer happy.



Thank you for your time,


Your loyal customer.


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6 years ago

Good afternoon @Stephanieolson,

I totally understand where you are coming form.  At this time we do not have any special offers for existing customers.  However these offers to appear from time to time. 

I recommend you frequently check our promotion page for new offers.

Thank you for participating in the Community Forums, and have a terrific weekend.

Anthony, AT&T Community Specialist

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