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Fri, Jan 8, 2021 4:46 PM

Feedback on Recent Experience

I thought I would post this here to provide some feedback on my recent ATT experience and some lessons learned from working with the ATT support team. Since Christmas, I have been unable to add an Apple Watch to my cell plan. I have 8 lines on my plan and when looking at my last statement online, there were lines 2 lines on my plan that were not even mine. They were mapped to phones that I have never purchased. Come to find out, this was due to a "workaround" that an employee had used to add the last two lines when I purchased Apple watches for Christmas. 

This means that yesterday I was on with ATT support from 2:30PM to 6:30PM to resolve this issue and get my devices activated. Yes, that is correct. It took four hours to fix my issue. The vast majority of that was spent on hold. During the day I spoke with 4 different people and had to explain my situation to each of them as I moved along the process. Finally, I spoke to Patrick in the Activations department who was able to fix this entire issue in a matter of minutes. He did an amazing job and was extremely helpful.

I can understand that wait times may be high and each representative I spoke to was very kind and accommodating. They were all great. I can understand that it may take more than one representative to get the job done. The troubling part is that half of my day yesterday was invested in undoing a mistake in my account that was not my fault. ATT, please understand that as your customers we value not only good support, but support that comes in a timely manner. As a business owner, I would never ask one of my customers to wait 4 hours on the phone to resolve their issue. While I'm sure your analytics tell you that the vast majority of customer issues are solved with a wait time of 10 or so minutes, you need to be able to quickly identify those who have been bouncing around in your system for hours and offer a call back with a specialist earlier in the process. It took 4 hours for me to get this level of service, but when I did it was fantastic. 

I am thankful to Patrick and all those who helped me to solve this issue yesterday, however please also understand that even with great staff, your customer loyalty took a hit yesterday based on the time it took for my issue. 


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2 months ago

Wow, you are lucky! I've been bounced around between 15 customer service agents since Monday January 4, 2021 trying to get the software updated on my phone. This is a common issue for AT&T for software updates yet no one that works there seems to know.

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