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Monday, October 20th, 2014 12:31 PM

Early upgrade to iPad Air 2?

I can pay $73 to be upgrade eligible on ATT next. What is the fastest way to get the new iPad Air 2, is it possible to pre-order ? Or must I trade in first?



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9 years ago

Yes it is available for pre-order. Click here

When you click the pre-order button, it will take you to another page so you can order it, make sure you select installment plan.


As for trading in, do you have something with NEXT right now and the $73 is the remaining balance for the device you have? If so, just pay off the rest of it and you will be able to get the iPad Air 2 without having to trade in your old device. The only reason someone would have to trade in the old device is if they they get to 12 or 18 payments and the old device isn't fully paid off, they can trade in the old device and get a new one early. But if you pay off the whole total, you get to keep the old device and get the new one.

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