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Wed, Jan 22, 2020 5:21 AM

Delivery Issues Using ENJOY.. MAJOR ISSUES

Recently, or for a more elaborate imagery, on January 20, 2020, between the times of 6:48 pm and 7:00pm, I purchased the iPhone XS from AT&T as a brand new customer. I was with Cricket Wireless for years, and fairly happy with their service. As a carrier alone, I have heard positive things about AT&T's service, apart from it being expensive and under a contract, which isn't an issue for me. Unfortunately, for me, I didn't take too much time to research AT&T's partnership with the company, Enjoy, who are said to send trained professionals within one day to hand-deliver your phone and help you activate and set it up. I selected this option solely because of the fact that I was in desperate need of a new phone. The iPhone I had been using for the last two years was dropped earlier in the day of the 20th, and to my surprise, it cracked so badly that the LCD began to leak within the screen and the touch screen was no longer effective. It completely stopped working. The only thing I could do on the phone is make a call, using Siri and if the phone wasn't able to use touch ID to unlock it, then I wasn't even able to use Siri. So basically, I'm without a phone completely. Now the issue I have with AT&T and Enjoy's partnership is that there seems to be little to no communication between the two brands, let alone any understanding. After purchasing the iPhone, I received a text stating that there was an issue with my delivery and I would need to reschedule. I contacted AT&T first, since that's the number I was given to call. The answers I received were vague. There wasn't much they could do, or at least that's what I was told. I was put on hold and sent over to Enjoy, who told me that there was no issue and that they were just waiting on the OK from AT&T so that they could go ahead and come out to me. I contacted AT&T again and talked to a guy, who's name I had forgotten, who told me that that they had just shipped the iphone and a confirmation email would be sent to me and that the phone would ship between the 23rd and the 27th. I was also given the option to cancel my order and redo the entire process in an AT&T store near me and possibly walk out with my new phone in the same day. I feel like since AT&T already has my money, I should be able to walk into that store and pick up my phone, which I paid a pretty penny for. My question is why is it taking THAT LONG when I requested one day shipment? Now AT&T has my money, and I'm without a phone. And I've gotten no REAL answers from neither AT&T nor Enjoy. Someone needs to provide me with some answers because this service is absolutely absurd and unprofessional. MAJOR ISSUE!



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