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Sunday, May 27th, 2018 4:05 PM

Continual horrible service, deception and failure to act on promises

I have got to be the most maligned AT&T customer. First off, since last October they have screwed up my business. First, I was warned someone was trying to scam a free phone from our account. i think the only competent AT&T employee (a retail store associate) called me from Atlanta and told me someone was trying to add a new phone to our account (now that's initiative). right away my wife called AT&T and told them to block any new phone lines. And guess what? One was added. After maybe 15 hours with 7-8 different customer service non-representatives I thought I got it squared away. But nope, for the next three months I think i kept getting crazy bills despite me telling them repeatedly we did no order the new service. Finally, finally, finally, they cancelled the other line. And the next month I received an early termination fee for cancelling the extra line before the contract was up. So let's see, they added a line when I told them not to, they didn't delete the account when I told them to delete it, and then they billed me when they finally got around to cancelling the account. 

And then problems with my email which they could not resolve. Good thing I depend on email for business because for maybe a month they didn't know how to fix it. And i was calling their email specialist. An absolute joke. And finally, a telephone line from AT&T is tearing the wood from my house. About a six-foot piece of my house is ready to come off. I called AT&T to have it fixed. they gave me a 4-hour window and they would have a repair man over. Guess what? No show. So i called after the time expired. "Oh, I am sorry sir, we are backed up. I should have said 8 noon-8 pm when the repair people will show up. And then guess what? Nobody showed up. Meanwhile, the wood is getting even more damaged. So i called and then i get the notice that the office is closed and call during business hours. This is Saturday night, so i call on Sunday and no business hours. I guess I should tell my house to not get any more damaged until normal business hours. AT&T, if you are not the worst company in regards to customer service I dread anyone who is dealing with a company that has worst customer service. I am estimating i have spent more than 30 hours just trying to get things squared away. All I know is that once this contract is up i am cancelling this service. I have the full bundle (DirectTV, cell phone, internet.) And I am going to let everybody I know to never, ever use AT&T for any service. In fact, I do go up to the different AT&T stores and warn people as they are walking in the door about the terrible service. An absolute disgrace the way they have treated customers. And one last thing, the package i offered. . . scam. Prices that were fixed have just shot up every month.  

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