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Monday, December 26th, 2022 8:52 PM

AT&T Shipping Nightmare

My dad recently tried to upgrade the family devices through a promotion at Target. All new devices came through the mail. My mom already had a new iPhone 13 pro, so they sent an iPhone 13 Pro Max. She didn’t like the size of it so we sent it back in place of the old one, therefore she would keep her current phone. 

Flash forward, we’re at the Apple Store to look into a problem with her phone. Looking into AT&T, we realized that we were being charged for the phone we sent back. At this time, the iPhone 13 Pro Max was new, so it was being charged at market price, approximately $40 a month for the last 9 or so months. We went back and forth with the AT&T store and phone calls to try to get a refund, but they told us that they could not. They looked at the records and saw that the phone has indeed never been activated or used.

Furthermore, they told us they had no record of conversations or transactions. My dad had been having issues sorting through the deal and had called them back and forth several times. We learned that the phone apparently never got back to them, and they wanted proof that we shipped it. Since it had been so late after we shipped it back, we didn’t have the emailed shipping labels from AT&T. Basically my parents have wanted to give up and just pay for this phone, but I’m having a serious problem with the situation.

I don’t understand why we’re stuck paying for a phone that we don’t own, and went through all the right steps to get back. We didn’t want this phone at all, they couldn’t even send the right model. And now we’re stuck with this bill that can’t be refunded. The absurd and horrible customer service has made us want to switch carriers for years now, but we’ve always stuck around. But after this, we’re sick and tired of not feeling respected as customers. We do not want to pay for a phone we do not have. 

I have no good solution, so I am here in hopes that we can resolve something. I refuse to believe we’re stuck in a dead end. 

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1 year ago

It is our responsibility as customers to read our bill every month and if we ship a phone to make a note of the tracking number or take a picture of the return label so that we can make sure the phone gets back to AT&T, and that we aren't paying for it every month..

   And as you have wrote, it's been a long time and any proof that the phone was shipped back to AT&T was not saved, if it ever existed in the first place.

    Unfortunately this is not a bell that can be unrung. As far as AT&T has records they mailed you the phone and you never mailed it back and they are right to charge you for it. I believe you. But sometimes it's not what the belief is it's what can be documented. 

You can try filing a Better Business Bureau complaint online. I don't know that anything will come of it other than a call from AT&T upper management.  Whether or not they agree to take the charges off your bill for the next 2 years is up to them, I would not expect them to credit for payments already made. 

As I wrote earlier reading the bill is Our obligation. We have one wireless bill and Only We Know What should and should not be on that bill. AT&T like most big companies is run by a computer the computer just puts information out there it doesn't know right from wrong. It's the same thing with our credit card bills, bank statements, and anything else that we are paying for. I know it's no consolation, but sometimes facts and policies have nothing to do with our feelings. 

If you get any sort of relief from AT&T please update your post

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