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Tue, Feb 5, 2019 2:39 AM

AT&T Next Trade In Missing

Original Issue Date: September 21, 2018

Over the past few months I've spent countless hours on the phone with AT&T support in regards to an issue that is still unresolved. I've been missinformed throughout and any chance I had to resolve the issue on my own was lost due to the incompetence of untrained AT&T specialists. I was instructed to disregard charges on my account and lead to believe the device was received, when apparently (according to only half of the specialists) it was not. By the time I was made aware of the device charge my window for retrieving the package from USPS had passed and I was told if the device was there, it would have been sent to dead mail in Atlanta, GA. I have a video recording of an in-store representative speaking on the phone with multiple support departments in which she clearly states that the device is found and once transferred she is told the credit will not be applied because the account was not notated by the previous agent whom we spent over an hour on the phone with (THIS INTERACTION IS RECORDED ON VIDEO)

Below are my records of the responses I received while speaking to the billing, loyalty, customer service and in store representatives:

AT&T Next Online Ordering 9/14/2018 iPhone XS Max Ordered through AT&T Next.
AT&T Next Online Ordering 9/16/2018 iPhone XS Max Shipped
AT&T Next Online Ordering 9/20/2018 iPhone XS Max On-Hold
AT&T Next Online Ordering 9/21/2018 iPhone XS Max Delivered
USPS ***
Altamonte Springs, Fl 32714
9/22/2018 Galaxy Note 8 Returned at a USPS drop box
Return Label# ***
Billing 800-331-0500 10/3/2018 Informed the device has not arrived.
Instructed to wait at least 14 days.
Billing 800-331-0500 10/10/2018 *** – Instructed to disregard the charge.
Billing 800-331-0500 11/30/2018 Instructed to Disregard the charge. Confirmed the device was shipped and received.

Waiting on “System” to credit the account.
Loyalty *** 1/21/2019 Transferred to ATS. Agent could not find the bill with the unreturned device charge.

Stated the issue would be taken care of if I could have a rep call from in store.
USPS In-Store 1/22/2019 IF the tracking number was correct it would have shipped

IF the tacking number was for Fedex/UPS it would have been given to the proper distributor

IF the tracking number was incorrect. It would have been opened for inspection

IF I would have come in earlier, there would have been a chance to recover the package
(assuming the item was held.)

ELSE the item would be sent to dead mail in Atlanta GA

The supervisor stated that cameras do not save recording that far back. Tracking numbers are not stored and the only record would be on a receipt if one was given.
MULTIPLE In-Store 1/22/2019 Explained situation to “Jax”. Employee refused to call support, Stating “We don’t do that”.

Attempted to sell me internet at a lower cost with incentivized gift cards to help pay for the device charge.

Never called loyalty to resolve the issue.
Loyalty *** 1/24/2019 Transferred to ATS.

Agent claims to have found the device and is given a code from their supervisor to have a credit issued by an in-store representative

*** – Instructed to call from the store using this number to receive a credit for the device. No Notation on account.
MULTIPLE In-Store 1/24/2019

Tamatha - ATS and loyalty don’t know what the number is.

Employee spends over an hour on the phone.

Some departments claim the device is received, others claim they don’t see the information.

Support agents fail to notate the account and lose track of all findings.


Employee grows exceedingly frustrated with support.

Call drops and employee goes home.

Billing Live Chat 1/24/2019 Supervisor (Ariel) – Offers to call.
Supervisor leaves the chat and never calls.
Billing Live Chat 1/24/2019 Leon * - No record of previous conversation.

Forwarded to ATS Chat
Billing Live Chat 1/24/2019 Kelvin – Tells me to have a 3-way call with USPS and Support. No Help.
Loyalty *** 1/24/2019 Transferred to ATS. Automated message, wrong department.
Loyalty *** 1/24/2019 Transferred to ATS. Answered – Couldn’t Hear Me – Agent Hangs Up
Loyalty *** 1/24/2019 Transferred to U-Verse instead of ATS 
U-Verse Transferred From Loyalty 1/24/2019 Informed ATS closes at 9PM.
Transferred to ATS. Fails.
Loyalty *** 1/25/2019 Transferred to ATS. 
ATS Transferred From Loyalty 1/25/2019 Transferred to ATS.

Once again states there are no notes on the acocunt.

Could not find the device due to limited access. Referred to Customer Service.
Customer Service *** 1/25/2019 Unable to track device. Forwarded to AT&T service advisor for further help.
AT&T Advisor Transferred from Customer Service 1/25/2019 Spoke to supervisor. Advisor department cannot track missing devices. Referred to ATS.
Loyalty *** 2/4/2019

Instructed to speak with USPS.


If anybody from AT&T would like to resolve this issue once and for all, I would appreciate the courtesy.
Else, I will be cancelling my AT&T bussiness, personal, home and DirecTV accounts.


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Hello @tylercox,


We'd like to help! For account security purposes, I will be sending you a private message so that we may continue this discussion there. In an effort to protect your private information, we do ask that you remove your phone number from your original message. 


Thank you!


Bobbie, AT&T Community Specialist



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3 y前

I was given a case number and told I would receive a response by 2/11/2019

It is now 2/12/2019 and the automated system is attempting to close my posting due to inactivity

Still no response from AT&T



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It is now 2/13/2019, Still no response from AT&T



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It is now 2/16/2019, Still no response from AT&T



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3 y前

It is now 2/19/2019, Still no response from AT&T

I will be calling today.

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