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Thu, Apr 23, 2015 1:47 AM

AT&T doesn't value A Long Time Customer

I have been an AT&T customer for many, many years now - I was around before they were AT&T, actually starting before the Cingular days.  In that time I have had 5 different phones with AT&T, plus an iPad plan and home service.  It is this reason why I am so disappointed in the Customer Service I have received this week.  


I was wanting to upgrade from the iphone 5s to the iphone 6 plus, and so I called AT&T to check my eligibility.  I was told I am not eligible for an upgrade until September, but I could upgrade using the Next plan, which I declined.  I expressed my disappointment and asked if there was any other way I could upgrade without paying the full price for the phone, and was told by the Customer Service Rep. that I am eligible for an upgrade on my iPad, so I could buy the iPhone at the upgrade price using the iPad upgrade.  I told the gentleman I would think about it and we ended the call.


A couple of days went by, and I decided I did want to upgrade the phone so I again called AT&T and spoke to a different Customer Service Rep.  I only told her I wanted to upgrade my phone and did not mention the previous call I made.  She told me I was not eligible, tried to get me to use the Next plan, and said I didn't have any other options.  I asked if there was anything else that I could do and then mentioned what the first Rep. told me about using my iPad to upgrade.  She looked at my account and said yes, that is definitely possible, you can upgrade your phone using your iPad plan.  She told me the exact same thing as the first Rep.  I said that is what I want to do, and asked if it could be done in the store so I could pick up the phone today.  She said yes, that is not a problem, and we ended the call.


I then went to the store, and of course, they told me it was not possible.  From the store I called AT&T yet again, and spoke to a 3rd Rep.  I explained the situation and told her the store stated they could not do what CS promised.  She put me on hold and came back and said the first TWO Customer Service Reps. were wrong and what I wanted to do could not be done.  Now remember, this was not my idea.  It was the AT&T Rep. who suggested this to me in the first place, and a second Rep. that confirmed it.  I spoke to a manager who said "we will be giving feedback on those two Reps. you spoke with, because they gave you incorrect information".  So you wait until I am at the store and ready to buy the phone to tell me that TWO separate Reps that gave me the exact same information were wrong?  After all of the loyal years I have been a customer, you refuse to honor what I was told?  The manager even confirmed that it is in the notes on my account that I had those conversations and that is what I was told.  


So why is it so hard to do what you say and say what you do?  All I wanted to do was give you $600.00 for a new phone, and two more years of business.  Unfortunately, this will end my relationship with AT&T, and I will be switching wireless carriers for both of my devices.


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7 y ago

Using Next Program is like buying iPhone 6 Plus at full price, but spread out in monthly payments, and can pay it off at anytime. Unless you have some sort of "grandfathered" plan, I can see why no go. You said you can upgrade in September, and if you have some patience, Apple will probaly announce the next version of iPhone, can preorder after. If you cannot wait, then pay ETF and get out!Smiley Wink

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