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Sat, Jun 24, 2017 8:44 AM

Is ATT investing ANYTHING in Digital Life

Having had digital life for a few years now I am disappointed by the lack of upgrades and improvements to the service.  When you look at their "living room" or search for news on DL you see nothing new.  In fact, there has not been a substantial post on new features since 2016.  Given the fast pace of innovation in this space I want to partner with a company that will stay relevant (Alexa Integration, expansion of third party device integration, video doorbell).  I wonder if AT&T is committed to the service going forward or if they are going to simply let it languish.  Without new features and devices I, like many others I suspect, will look for a provider who will keep their product current. 




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4 y ago

It's a good call out,  and I hope AT&T addresses it here.  I would have went with their camera setup if it wasn't a relative joke compared to what you can get for your money in the home security space.  Home security, both monitored and non-monitored, is a rapidly growing segment in the U.S. and while I enjoy Digital Life,  I'm not convinced it's a priority for AT&T.  Even something as simple as the siren,  arguably one of the most important components of an alarm,  is terribly weak and well-documented complaints that users want a loud, redesigned one.  I've got 3 sirens in a one-level home and my smoke alarms are more intimidating.  Small things AT&T,  they matter. 


If they aren't responding to feedback like the siren from a long time ago I'm a bit skeptical,  but otherwise I do enjoy the service so far.  I too would like to see them continue to improve it,  and publish what they are doing.


What do you think @ATTDigitalLifeCS ? 


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4 y ago

I think ATT's lack of responses to anything but the simplest post/question indicates that it's a dying platform.

Also, the lack of storage capacity increases, or server capacity (causing videos to not show for hours or days in the archives...).


Sadly... I have a lot of time/money invested in this system.

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