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Fri, Dec 9, 2016 6:11 AM

Inherited System, No Service

I bought a property and it came with DigitalLife. Without subscribing to the monitoring service, can I continue to use the system for local alarms?


It hasn't been armed, what if I arm it and accidentally triggered the system? How will I know or set the PIN to disarm it? Or does the PIN for disarming and exit delay only come into the picture when you have the service? 


I called AT&T but couldn't get a clear answer so I am hoping the community can help


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2 months ago

I, too, just "inherited" this system! It just beeps and I can not do a thing with it. I refuse to pay an overpriced fee for ATT. I cant use my interior door because its the Yale lock and I dont have a code for it! I call Customer Service and they tell me I have to get the info from the previous owner; that's not possible. This is BEYOND frustrating! Id like to use the cameras that are mounted outside; @ATTDigitalLifeCS can I get some help like I see youve done for some others on this thread?

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2 months ago

Hello. If the system is beeping you can unplug it at the main controller and remove the battery. The code for the door lock is not something we have access to and never have as that is private customer information. You will have to obtain that from the prior homeowner or look up the master reset options on the internet for the model of door lock that you have .

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