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Sun, Jun 28, 2015 7:51 PM

If this is any indication of life with AT&T Digital Life, then No Thanks!

Signed up for the highly recommended AT&T Digital Life to upgrade security system after almost 8 years with ADT. Became highly frustrated by the inadequate customer service AT&T Digital Life has provided. After our experience with AT&T, as outlined below, we have lost all confidence in AT&T and its Digital Life service and will be looking to remain with ADT or consider other competitors, such as Verizon.

  • No coordination within sales. Called on May 22 to secure new multi-package security service (touchscreen door lock, multi-cameras, and water monitoring); installation was scheduled for the 8 am - 12 pm window on June 26. Received several calls from other sales reps on the same day looking to sell the same service.
  • Sales rep misspelled last name (same name/spelling as a well-known product). The equipment was delivered to my office but my name was misspelled on the shipping label; also never received the email to register the new account in preparation of the install. Called AT&T support; rep confirmed that my name, and hence email, was misspelled in the system and could not be changed until the day of install by the tech. Rep managed to resend the registration link to the correct email address.
  • 1st No-show on day of install- June 26, 8 am-12 pm. Husband took the day off from work. At 2:30, 3 pm, no word from AT&T, called for an ETA. Support rep couldn’t find the account and put me on hold; hung up after 9 minutes without a word. Checked our home voicemail of which there were 3 messages from AT&T left the day before: one around 12:30 pm to confirm the appointment, one around 2 pm to cancel the appointment, and the last around 5:30 pm to confirm the appointment. Logged onto the Digital Life account to check the status of the install - reported that the install was to occur on June 26 as scheduled. Called AT&T support back expressing frustration over the whole ordeal. Second rep found the account under my cell number; said the cancellation was due to no available techs for the install. She also confirmed that the install order only had the home number and not my cell number as I’d provided to the sales rep for install updates and registered as my contact number on the account. Rep followed up with dispatch and rescheduled the install appointment for the next day, June 26, during the 1-4 pm window and provided the appointment confirmation number. Rep transferred me to billing for conciliation request due to inconvenience. Billing rep noted adjustment on account at first billing cycle. Spent 40 minutes dealing with AT&T on this while at work.
  • 2nd no-show on day of install-June 27, 1-4 pm. Again, no word of an ETA from AT&T. Called support at 2:30 pm for status. Rep could only find account under cell number. Rep followed up with dispatch and then reported that, since the install takes 7 hours, it was too late to proceed with the install as scheduled—beyond frustrated. Was transferred to dispatch rep who provided the next available date as August 3. Totally unacceptable! Told rep that if the install doesn’t happen on July 3, which encroaches on our holiday weekend plans, we will terminate the service and that husband and I will not take another day off from work to have a no-show from AT&T. Dispatch rep said he was sending emails to field managers alerting them of the situation and the urgent request. Again, was transferred to billing for conciliation request due to inconvenience. Billing rep noted 2 months credit on account to take place at first billing cycle. At around 6:30 pm, got a call from a field manager offering apologies and noting efforts to get install on schedule for July 3.

To say the least, we’re about done with AT&T!

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We are listening and want to help you! I am sorry to hear of your experience to this point. We appreciate you trusting us to help keep your home secure. Our Customer Support Leadership would like to expedite the resolution of this matter. Please share a little more information by clicking here to send Digital Life a private message. In your message please include:


  • Your name
  • Account number
  • Address
  • Contact number

Thank you again for the gift of feedback. Not only do we look forward to resolving this matter, but we will also use this opportunity to further improve our overall customer experience.

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