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Mon, Dec 23, 2019 11:59 PM

Disappointing response by Digital life

I had been away for a while and while out of the country, I attempted to review the camera's video files only to discover that the camera's files were not accessible because the camera seemed to have lost its connection to the Internet. On my return home, I discovered that the DLC could not connect to the Internet which is likely the source of the problem. After checking and verifying that all the requisite lights are lit on all of the system's components, I checked for Solutions and troubleshooting tips, guided by the Digital Life app. The app's Solutions did not rsolve the problem. Moreover, all of my other devices in my home connected to the Internet successfully, whether their connections were wired or wireless. I placed a call to Digital Life, asking that a technician be assigned to investigate and solve the problem and was given an appointment for 12/13, with a scheduled arrival time between 8 AM and 12 PM. The assigned technician called me late that day to cancel the appointment, saying that he was running late and would not appear.I secured another appointment for 12/17, again for the 8 AM to 12 PM timeframe. The technician never showed on that day and when I called Digital Life to investigate, they informed me that the technician alleged that he had called to cancel and received no response. This was patently unntrue since I was at home throughout and no call was received on either my home or my mobile phone, nor could Digitl Life say which number the technician had used to place his ostensible call. After escalation, I was given a third appoitnment for 12/23, again for the same timeframe as before and was assured that this appointment would not be canceled. I called early that day to confirm that my appointment was live.The technician had not arrived by 1 PM at which point I called Diigital Life to inquire as to status. While on the phone with them, I received a call from the technician, who said that he had to cancel the appointment yet again.

AT&T may be a first world company but this is decidedly third world service. I'm fully aware that the most carefully constructed service schedules are subject to disruption, but at some point, consistent failures suggest that the service problem is systemic. No amount of service price reductions can compensate for an arranngement which cares nothing about a customer's lost time and the inconvenience caused by unkept appointments. As of my last call today, I asked that I either be given an expedited appointment via yet another escalation or that I be directed to the proper person so that I could proceed with cancellation of service. As of this writing, no action has been taken - I have heard from nobody who is in a position to actually make a decision which would result in resolution of this problem. Truly appalling.


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