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Sunday, July 12th, 2015 1:18 AM


I was sold a Digital Life system and the installer came today.  He refused to test my wi-fi or anything and started drilling in my brick, wooden doors, walls etc.  At the end of it,  it would not work because the wifi strength was not strong enough.  He then left. I have been on the phone with AT&T Digital Life unable to get through - on hold for more than 2 hours and passes to multiple departments.  GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.   AT&T REFUSES to acknowledge that in order to provide a wireless alarm service that they should provide the CORRECT equipment (ie a correct router and booster which will increase coverage) in order to provide the service.  I have been on the phone with Uverse technical service which says they can't provide additional supplies through their system (all computer systems are set up by humans, btw) and that I will have to go to an AT&T store to buy a booster.  Why should I ?  The mere fact that I was passed between departments, hung up on and generally fobbed off, is indicative that you should STEER CLEAR of AT&T AT ALL COSTS.  Don't waste your time on poor customer service and locking you in to a 2 year contract.

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8 years ago



I'm sorry to hear of your installation issues. AT&T does not provide equipment unrelated to Digital Life to improve the quality of your home internet service. Was your service cancelled due to this installation issue. I'd like to have our Customer Support Leadership take a closer look at what can be done in your situation. Please share a little more information by clicking here to send Digital Life a private message. In your message please include:

  • Your name
  • Account number (If you have one)
  • Address
  • Contact number



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7 years ago

Just a couple of questions... is your home very large? (Sq ft) Do you have a lot of wireless devices running? Just wanted to know because I'm working on a site that discloses all the deception of digitallife that i have encountered.



Youre right about customer service. I have found them to be unknowledgeable so they pass you through to different departments in an effort to not have to deal with your issue at hand (in the call center this is known as "passing the trash" - and it needs to stop att!)


The only persons that were the kindest and most knowledgeable were the installation technicians. Its troubling to hear you had a bad experience with one.


In the end did they resolve your issue (remove equipment or provide a range extender)? If you cancelled did you get charged a restocking fee? Im asking this because most people dont follow up and i want att to be held accountable.



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7 years ago

New "Digital Life Burglar Alarm System";  POOR SERVICE.

On June 29, 2015 I signed up and prepaid $1,018.80 for Digital Life equipment to be shipped to my home. I was given an appointment of August 4, 2015 for the AT&T tech to install my equpiment.  AT&T supervisor called the night before and said his techs called in "sick" and I would have to RESCHEDULE.  I called the next day and got a second appointment for an installation for September 3, 2015.  The eveniing of September the 2nd an AT&T dispatcher called and cancelled my next day installation and said I should call and RESCHEDULE because two of his techs called in "sick".  

I had ADT Alarm company for 22 years and received excellent service and repair but cancelled on August 3, 2015 due to my next day AT&T Alarm System installation.  I now sit with NO BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEM, I AM OUT TWO DAYS OF WORK AND HAVE TWO BOXS OF USELESS AT&T ALARM EQUIPMENT I HAD TO PREPAY $1,018.80 FOR.  It is now clear to me AT&T Digital Life burglar alarm system is not ready for "prime time".  DO NOT BUY IT.


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7 years ago


We are listening and want to help you! I am sorry to hear you have been struggling with installation issues for quite some time. Our Field Leadership would like to expedite the resolution of this matter. We want to make this right! Please share a little more information by clicking here to send Digital Life a private message. In your message please include:

  • Your name
  • Account number
  • Address
  • Contact number

Thank you again for the gift of feedback. Not only do we look forward to resolving this matter, but we will also use this opportunity to further improve our overall customer experience.



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7 years ago




H. Linder/ Primary Account Holder

Contact email= ***

AT&T U-verse - includes hard-line, internet/television 1-800-228-2020

Account #: *** tech service: 1-800-222-0300

AT&T Wireless:

Account: ***

We have 3 wireless lines:



Summary of my unfortunate AT&T Digital Life Experience:

On June 29, 2015 I went to my local AT&T retail store(Westwood Village
Retail Store, 6531 FM 1488, STE. 301, AT&T Store Magnolia, TX 77354,
for service with my AT&T cell phone. A sharp service
representative, George. fixed my cell phone promptly with a smile on his
face. He then proceeded to tell my how neat and what a good deal AT&T
Digital Life Burglar Alarm system with cameras was. George Scheduled my
system to be installed on Tuesday, August 4, 8am-Noon. I signed up and
prepaid $1,018.80 for the equipment to be shipped to my home.

I had been with ADT Burglar Alarm Company for 22 years and had always
received excellent service and repairs at no charge but wanted the cameras
that AT&T offered. I cancelled my service with ADT Company on August 3,
2015 because my new AT&T system would be installed the next day. I took
off work August 4, 2015 in order to be home for the AT&T alarm system
installation. The evening of August 3, 2015 at 6:15 pm at night, a
Supervisor with the AT&T installation service called my and said that two
of his techs had quit and he would need to RESCHEDULE my installation date.
He said I should called the next day and get another installation date. I
now had NO burglar alarm system and had missed a full day of work.

On August 4, 2015 I called AT&T and received a 2nd AT&T Digital Life
installation date of Thursday September 3, 2015 8am-Noon.

Once again I took off a full day of work, got out the two boxes of AT&T
equipment that was shipped to me back in June for the service techs to

The morning of September 3, 2015, Thursday I waited until about 8:45am for
the AT&T service tech to install my Digital Life Burglar Alarm System
before getting out my cell phone to call customer service. I found a
message left on my cell phone the previous evening at 4:32 pm, (Wed.,
August 2, 2015) from a male who did not leave a name who said he was a
“dispatcher” with, what sounded like The Birmingham Simple Assign Company
representing the AT&T Digital Life installation division. He said, and I
quote; “two of my installation techs have called in sick and he would have
to reschedule my installation date”.

Now here I sit with no burglar alarm system, I have taken two days off work
and am out my original purchase of the AT&T equipment of $1,018.80 back on
June 29, 2015. I am not a “happy camper”.

It is now clear to me that AT&T Digital Life is not ready for the market
and is tarnishing the otherwise excellent name of AT&T in general. I will
contact any and every AT&T V.P possible to to share my unsatisfactory
experience with their company.

At this point I plan on canceling my AT&T burglar alarm system and
returning to ADT Company which gave me excellent service for 20 plus years.

Unhappy AT&T Customer



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