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Tue, Jun 20, 2017 9:59 PM

Can't secure your AT&T Digital Life security system? They can't help according to customer service.


Sure, there are plenty of negative customer service reviews around. But, this is one that I feel everyone should read. I have been an AT&T customer since they were Cingular Wireless. Yeah, that long. So, when I moved out of Mom and Dad’s and saw AT&T rolled out a home security package, I was thrilled…initially. The first few months were great. Security camera, alarm system, window chimes, all for a not-too-bad of a price? Sign me up! I moved my service with AT&T and it was painless. And then today happened. I was locked out of my apartment yesterday due to my door being jammed. My boyfriend and I figured out it was the door lock that had become loose, but the screws were stripped so the logical thing to do was call AT&T and explain that I needed a technician to come out and fix my door lock as I could not secure my apartment. I had an appointment set for today (6/20/17) with a window from 1-4PM EST. When 4:30PM EST rolled around and there was no technician, I called AT&T to check in and see what was going on. I was informed that my appointment, which was an emergency appointment as I could not secure my apartment, had been changed to 7/18/17 (yes, almost a full month from today) with a window from 1-4PM EST. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor to discuss why my appointment had been changed and why this was not being taken more seriously. I was then informed by the representative while waiting to get her supervisor that my issue was not a “qualified emergency” and that is why my appointment had been changed (without giving me any notice as well). When the supervisor got on the phone, I explained the severity of my situation once more. I could not secure my apartment with the security system provided by AT&T. He explained to me that he could not help but could place me on a “stand-by” list in hopes that a technician could get to me sooner, but that I should have had another point of entrance to get into my apartment. Sure, I see his point, but how does that apply if you’re on the 2nd, 3rd, or a higher floor that isn’t ground level? How does one access his or her apartment then? I then asked to be transferred to someone who could terminate my account as I think it is pretty ironic that the security system I pay for each month cannot secure my home. I was then transferred to the Emory Hospital in Kentucky. Yeah, I was very confused too. I called back asking to speak to a supervisor and was told that the representative was waiting to get a supervisor for me to speak to, but that it would be $586 and some change to terminate my account. The account that is supposed to secure my apartment, but doesn’t, and when I asked for help, I was told I was out of luck. Would you leave your home if you couldn’t secure it? I had a beyond terrible experience with customer service, and my sense of security has been taken away, by my security system. Ironic, isn’t it?




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Not sure if you resolved, but there is a very common scenario where these Yale locks take the code and attempt to open but then get jammed. What happens is if you have these on auto lock, then at some point the lock will attempt to lock while the door is open and then you will attempt to shut it and it will slightly bend the aluminum lock portion. This sometimes happens at the instance before you shut it. It did for me at least) Over time the lock may not open completely when you unlock with the code. It will bind up or stick. If this is what you are experiencing it is a very easy fix. You simply open the door and lock the door. Then you slightly bend it toward the door, you can do this with your hands or use some channel locks. (This is the opposite direction it is bent when door is shut accidentally while locked) It does not take a lot of force. If successful, the door will lock and unlock a lot easier.  And if you create a program to only lock WHEN door is closed, it will not happen again. 

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