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Monday, February 5th, 2018 5:53 PM

AT&T Failed Me

My house was burglarized on Friday night while my house was armed.  I've been a local customer of AT&T Digital Life for 3 years now since we purchased our home.  I came home on Friday night with my child and unarmed my house like I always do.  That's when I realized I have been robbed.  I grabbed my son at 10pm and we ran to my neighbor's house and called the police.  What I would like to know is how I was robbed, how my property was damaged, my house vandalized and AT&T was completely unaware of this.  My child is now traumatized because I always told him when he is home, he is safe and that we have 24/7 monitoring.  Some bad people violated me and stole a lot of my valuables and damaged my property while under the watch of AT&T.  What is most disturbing is that I had to unarm my house, find that I was robbed, I called the cops and then I called AT&T to notify AT&T that I was robbed and to let them know I did not need police dispatch and I did not need medical attention.


I called AT&T two times since and was told on Friday night that someone in their escalations department would review my case and call me within 24hrs. The 24hrs have come and gone and I am still waiting to hear from someone at AT&T.  I also used AT&T's online chat and was referred to their customer service #4 and then #1 but that did not help.  I also found out after the fact that AT&T failed to install a motion sensor detector three years ago even though my plan called for one.  Is it possible that if the motion sensor detector was installed three years ago that they could have caught the break-in while it was happening and dispatched the police??  It's very concerning that when I need AT&T the most, I have still waiting for a call back.  Is there another escalation path for me?

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5 years ago

@JNguyen I am so sorry you have had to experience this. I know exactly how difficult this time is for you and your child. You are a very important part of the Digital Life family. I am very sorry. Please know you will be followed up with regarding this experience.






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5 years ago

This is a terrible experience.  Sorry to hear.


Given all the problems I have experienced with my system, this is my biggest fear - the system will not work when I need it most.   


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