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Thursday, March 29th, 2018 10:36 PM

ZTE Velocity Hotspot shutting down

This seems to be a common problem (links below)  that I am experiencing, but what I've found just says to come here for advice.


So here I am.


They also say to send a PM here with personal details, but I don't see how to do that.


The problem is that the ZTE Velocity Hotspot just stops, shuts down, after a while.

• Part of the problem was that WiFi sleep was turned on, but  we've gotten past that. It is continuously on.


• One AT&T rep suggested that the battery is sensitive to overcharging, but I've been on the provided plugin transformer so that should not apply and the unit is fully charged (green LED).


• I am on a boat in a rather dodgy area, so reception is not all that great all the time. Does the ZTE shutdown if it loses the signal, and if so, how to turn that "feature" off? I still want to use the WiFi for local network usage.


• It turns out this is a common problem. The following posts describe my situation exactly:
First let’s try a soft reset. To do this hold the power button until the device powers off, wait about 30 seconds then power it back on.
If the issue persists next is a master reset. This will erase any personal data. Please visit our
Device Supportpage.
Make sure your device is selected, and then go Tutorials > Troubleshooting > Reset device. This will have a step-by-step and a video.
Lastly if the device is still with in the 14 day BRE period you can take it back to point of sale to exchange.
To find out more about our Return Policy, please check out this helpful

We have done all of these, including the last, twice, to replace the unit. So something else is amiss.

If these steps did not correct it; we will need to investigate the cause and provide options. Please send a private message to @ATTCares, and include your account and contact information, a good contact number, and the best date/time to reach you, including your time zone.


I'll be glad to do that, but don't see an option here for doing so. Do you mean to send a text? This is a bit long for a text, so perhaps there is an incident number I can cite while sending the personal data?


Obviously not a simple problem. Thank you for your service.


Best regards.

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6 years ago

Hey there @alvarre,

I’m sorry to hear your hotspot on your device is not working properly. I would be more than happy to look into this further for you.

Please keep an eye on your Forum’s Inbox. I will be sending out a message, so we can get in touch and discuss this issue in depth.

Thank you for your patience. See you in the inbox!  

Isaac, AT&T Community Specialist



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5 years ago

I am having a similar issue with the same device.  Purchased new about two weeks ago along with data plan.


The device shuts itself off and restarts itself every couple of minutes.  At times, when we browse to a website it shuts off and restarts.  Battery was fully charged.  And the issue happened whether it was plugged in or not.


Now the device is off and will not turn back on.  Can you please advise ASAP?  My wife uses this for work and she currently is traveling with it and we need to get it working ASAP.  Thank you.



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5 years ago

This happened to mine and also a brand new one, turned out to be a bad SIM card, once we swapped it worked



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5 years ago

We have the same issue. The box randomly shuts down and restarts. It has been doing it for a long time. I attempted to call about it, but the person on the other end did not understand the issue. 



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4 years ago

I’ve been having the same problem with this thing for a LONG time. I talked to a sales person at the store and on the phone and they cannot comprehend the issue at all. They eventually sent me a new device but it has continued. It’s been at least 1.5 years dealing with this nonsense. In the time I’ve taken to write this it has literally turned off and on 5 times. 

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3 years ago


Ok I have same unit same problem

Did all the recommended fixes to no avail.

Put an ice pack on unit.

I have had 100%sucsess keeping this velocity 2 on and working.

Try it. I’m writing this via hotspot now (with frozen tamales on it).

Hope this helps.

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