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Friday, October 13th, 2017 1:33 PM

ZTE Mobley would ATT get there act together on this

just received my Mobley went to activate it called the number in the instructions and the rep thought I was from another galaxy had no idea what a Mobley was. was given another number to call they knew what it was but there was no idea on the plans.

the website still says 20 for unlimited but slows down after 22 gb. the reps say this plan is no longer available. but as of this morning 10/13 its still on the web site. Cadillac OnStar just offered a 20 dollar plan. so either ATT gets there act together or I'm returning this and going to OnStar. does  anyone from ATT read these because the RV community is really upset over not knowing what's going to happen with their Mobley's and the confusion about plans. this is a mess

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6 years ago

Hello @L0veless,

I apologize for the not being able to provide you with more information when you contacted us via Customer Care. Please allow me to explain the options we have, as the information on the website can be confusing at first look.

If you are using a hotspot solution already built into your car, such as OnStar, there is a $20 Unlimited plan available which you can use. This article offers information on how to activate your service and choose the plan.

If you are using the ZTE Mobley hotspot accessory, the $20 Unlimited Standalone plan is no longer available. You would need to have a plan such as AT&T Unlimited Plus or Choice in order to activate the Mobley with unlimited service. Otherwise the options available are 1GB for $10 or 5GB for $25. Please visit this link to activate and select a plan.

If you have any other questions about our services, or need assistance activating a device, please send us a private message to @ATTHelp with your name, phone number and IMEI of the device in question.

Hope this information helps you. Sincerely,

Rafael, AT&T Community Specialist

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