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Mon, Nov 21, 2016 7:52 PM

Wireless Homebase with Internet - WiFi calling / data free streaming to a WiFi device?

We recently added a Wireless Homebase and Internet (ZTE) device at our lake house.  The LTE signal is weak in the area, but we are able to grab a 1-bar to 2-bar (-112db) signal at one window on the East side of our home.  The little router works great, gives us clear voice service, and provides decent Internet downstream speeds (3Mbps to 6Mbps) most of the time!  Thanks to AT&T for making this technology available. Our Homebase is sharing data on our Mobile Share Value Plan where we pay for 15GB of data each month.  So far we have not run into usage problems.


Does anyone know if we will be able to use WiFi calling from our iPhone 7s when they are connected to the Homebase via WiFi?  The LTE signal does not reach our iPhones when inside the lake house.  Will this be data free, or count toward our use of the 15GB of data on the Homebase?


Does anyone know if we will be able to get data free streaming when using the AT&T U-Verse TV app on our iPhones.  This would be when the iPhones are connected to the Homebase via WiFi.  


Thanks in advance.


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4 years ago

Hi there @381 Penland!


I’m glad to hear that you’re getting good usage out of your Homebase! We’re glad to clarify those questions with you!


I was unable to find explicit information for whether or not the Wi-Fi calling feature will work with the Homebase, however if it does, it will use data from your shared plan.


The Uverse TV application should also consume data as normal.


I hope that is useful, have an awesome day!



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4 years ago

All is working lIke the Admin said it would.  WiFi calling on the iPhone 7 through the Homebase is clear and it consumes minimal data. We watched a little college football using an Apple TV app yesterday over the Homebase WiFi to the Apple TV.  The Homebase consumed about 1 GB of data in 1 hour of viewing the game.  We then switched to watching the game using the iPhone with the U-verse TV app streaming the game to Apple TV with AirPlay over the iPhone. This worked well and consumed no data!  WE had to put the iPhone 7 near the window beside the Homebase so the iPhone could catch the weak LTE signal in our area.  We also found that we could still get calls on the iPhone while it was streaming the game data free, but the phone stopped streaming when the call came in. Streaming resumed after the call. It works!

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