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Saturday, March 4th, 2023 7:05 PM

will you guys unlock my phone or do i have to pay some random online service $20?

i bought a google pixel 6a from a private party, almost everything is unlocked and all the research ive done on this particular phone (looking up the IMEI and all) nothing says its been stolen or anything. but the OEM bootloader is carrier locked and i dont currently use AT&T so ya basically you guys are saying its not paid off but thats not exactly my problem because i didnt buy it from you. sounds like its the original customers issue to figure out considering if it WAS stolen they never reported it and i cant see someone stealing over $1000 from me without me calling it in.

Basically ya can you please unlock it or should i just pay some guy from india $20 to unlock it instead?

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7 months ago

Lol.  Good luck with that

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