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Thursday, November 24th, 2022 9:59 PM

Wi-Fi for my boat

I have a boat with a tv on it. We have AT&T hardware but we need a SIM card that works for marine. It needs to be able to give Wi-Fi to smartphones and fire stick for youtube tv. Can anyone help me with this? I can’t seem to find a SIM card with plans for marine.

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1 year ago

There's no such thing as a marine plan.

Data only plans work for tablets or Wi-Fi hotspots. But they rely on the same cellular service that a phone does.

In order to get service, you have to be within range of a tower. I don't know how far offshore you are but once you're too far away from the towers you will not get any cellular service.

If you scroll away to the bottom on this link it shows the prepaid data only options. 50 GB for $55 or 100 GB for 90 bucks. These are the cheapest data only plans that AT&T has to offer. No overages and you don't have to worry about high roaming charges because these plans do not roam.

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