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Sunday, December 29th, 2019 5:46 AM

Who is responsible in AT&T for Customer Issues Resolutions?


Did get a call from an AT&T representative--and was offered a satisfactory solution.

Will leave the post (vs. deleting), to be fair.

I sent the letter below (my contact information was removed to post here) to AT&T on the 15th of December 2019.

As of Dec 28, am still waiting on a reply.

Should I expect any reply from AT&T?

Is there anyone in AT&T that cares about customer service?

Assigned it a few tags; to see, if maybe, it gets to the appropriate resolution center.


208 S. Akard St.

Dallas, TX 75202

ATTENTION: Customer Service

To Whom It May Concern:

I would appreciate a written reply with your resolution concerning the issue described below.

My order was short two items—and it is incomprehensible—that AT&T does not have a process to resolve these type issues. Or, if it does, it is not known by either the eight Customer Service Representatives, or the six Supervisors with whom I have spoken. Have also spoken with AT&T In-home experts, UPS, and the Enjoy’s delivery tech and main office twice (can provide names).

It would seem as if AT&T has never shorted an order—ever. Yet, it is statistically impossible for this situation to be the “first ever” of its kind.

Will AT&T assume their responsibility and at the very least replace the missing items? Why it is AT&T’s responsibility? It is explained in detail below.

We are new customers to AT&T wireless. And, so far, this has been our experience with AT&T.

Spending over 4 hours trying to take care of an issue that should have been resolved in a few minutes.

A representative from Enjoy, Contracted by AT&T, delivered our two new phones on 6 Dec 2019. She placed an order for three additional cables.

A package arrived on December 11 with only one cable.

The packing list shows 3 ordered and 3 shipped with none on back order.

Used the AT&T chat service to try to resolve the issue. Joined by Supervisor. Instructed to call UPS for possible delivery discrepancy.

Called UPS as requested. UPS shows only one box (1 of 1) for that tracking number. So, there are no other boxes missing delivery or stolen. Also, it is highly improbable that out of three boxes, we got the one with the packing slip inside.

Back to AT&T chat. Cannot find the order in their system. Cannot resolve the issue of the missing items on the order, Joined by supervisor. Was given another number (secondary sales) to call.

Called secondary sales. Long story short, no one can help. Not that they are unwilling. Could be a lack of training, or a lack of access to related systems or to related information. Was told to call Enjoy rep. Not sure what is she going to be able to do.

Called the Enjoy rep who delivered the phone and left a message. Then, called Enjoy and all they did was verify the order information. Enjoy placed the order correctly. (There was no need to call them to find this out since the packing slip shows AT&T had the correct item and quantity on order.) Nothing more that Enjoy can do. They placed the order correctly and it is out of their hands.

Called AT&T again. This time I was told I need to talk with Door-to-Door sales. After another call, ask rep to read my file notes, have to explain the issue again anyway and results are the same: nothing they can or know how to do. Same result as before—Door-to-Door sales cannot do anything. Order does not show in the system. Rep does not know what else to do. Supervisor joined the call and escalated the issue to "In-home experts".

Spoke with “In-home experts” dept. All they could do—and did—was to send a message to AT&T and present the issue. They could not promise any resolution, nor provide with a time frame for a resolution. So, really, they are just "hoping for the best".

Today is 13 Dec and I am looking at the AT&T Corp. website page and am about to submit this “review” here: I started writing this as a post to this page; yet, decided to send it as a letter and to give you an opportunity to respond before I post it.

Called the number listed on that page. (210 area code in Dallas?). After another 20 minutes finally got transferred to a manager who was able to see the order and tried to help with the issue. However, he could not take any action on it--not even re-order these missing items.

He transferred me to DMDR sales. It is not DMDR sales but some other sales support dept. Another wait. It started to get late for me (I had to leave for appointment) so when “DMDR” finally answered I asked for their phone number (since I had been transferred to them) so I could call back.

Upon return, I called what I was told was the DMDR Dept. It is a Sales Dept. not DMDR. Anyway, asked for supervisor. The rep tried to connect; and, I heard a ring followed by a busy tone. Called back. Asked for any supervisor. Spoke with a Supervisor and she told me—unequivocally—that AT&T sent all three items. And, that I needed to contact Enjoy to place a claim. They: “…have no way to connect me with the Direct Fulfillment Dept.” Instructed me to place a claim through Enjoy and transferred me to them.

Spoke with Enjoy again, same as before. Was told that, maybe, if I could get the AT&T rep in on the call with Enjoy they may be able to figure something out.

Called AT&T to request a 3-way call with Enjoy and put an end to this. Was told they cannot do that. They have to disconnect if/when they transfer. Requested a supervisor who could authorize this 3-way call. Was transferred to a supervisor who finally answered and told me that I would have to place a claim with UPS.

While filling in the online claim with UPS, I looked at the box/label to get the “shipper's” information. The box still has an air pack inside. This air pack takes most of the room in the box. So, although the box is big enough to have held all three items it could not have because of that air sack inside occupying the space. This should be in my notes since I have expresses it during almost every call. And, my conclusion is—still—that AT&T only shipped one item and not three.

These above mentioned actions have already spread—not including the chat time, or the time drafting this letter—for 4 hours and 12 minutes!

As of 15 Dec 2019 AT&T has not contacted me concerning the In-home experts’ request.





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4 years ago

I don’t know if you will get a reply or not. Your best method for getting a response from corporate is to file an FCC or BBB complaint.

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