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Wed, May 14, 2014 7:43 PM

What are the options if your request to unlock iPhone has been denied?

I was under contract with AT&T for my iPhone 5 and had about 5 months left to go.  However, I am relocating overseas due to my job.  So I decided to pay the early termination fee so that I could unlock the phone and take it with me. 


My request to unlock was denied by AT&T just recently.  The reason given on the website was that I had exceeded the maximum allowed.  I called the customer rep because I had only done this to my other iPhone for my wife, and the rep verified that I should be eligible to unlock.  So she placed me on hold to speak to the Tech Support department that handles this request and came back and said that the person she spoke to offered no explanations other than my request was denied.  She wasn't able to offer any more info or help. 


My question is: Is there a number or a person that I can talk to to get to the bottom of this?  The reason for declining the request doesn't make sense and factually incorrect.  I reviewed the unlock policy and I am 100% sure that I am eligible.  Have others experienced similar issues and can offer any advices?  Is going to the AT&T or Apple store going to help?  Will disputing the charge (for the phone) with the credit card company help?  If I can't unlock this phone then the phone will become useless.  I have been a long AT&T customer, and this really is a big disappointment.




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7 y ago

You can try contacting AT&T Cuostmer Care.  They often post on the forums here and are helpful in working through issues like this.  

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