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Tue, Sep 30, 2008 1:50 AM


using a Blackberry curve for Gophone account... data plans?

I couldn't find any answers on the support center for this, so I'll ask you guys. I'm getting a blackberry curve in a couple of days, and I have a prepaid GoPhone account. my quesion is, would the unlimited media net data plan work with this? or do you have to get the  "blackberry package"  on the regular plans? I would assume the unlimited data  package on prepaid for 19.99 might work, but I wanted to make sure. any info would be helpful.

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12 years ago

You can get push e-mail on a Blackberry on prepaid using a slightly non-traditional approach. Google on "Activeberry." Also take a look over at Howards Forum in the Rogers (Canadian) users area. There is a lot of discussions going on about how to reconfigure your Blackberry to use standard data plans.



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12 years ago

It is possible for att to catch up with u if audited and u could owe some money but since your prepaid i realy dont know how theyd collect!! lol! To be honest before i got my curve i had a blackjack and the rep that sold my the phone told me hed save me some money and placed me on the media net plan and i never had to pay anything more than $15.00 a month!!

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