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Sunday, November 20th, 2022 3:19 AM

Using 911 as a Harman Spark emergency contact?

In the app for the Harman Spark device, a user can store telephone numbers for emergency contacts. Since any wireless phone can call 911, what would prevent the Spark from using the 911 emergency number as a contact?

If it were impractical to use the current Spark app from using 911, would it be possible to modify the app to correct this deficiency? Note that Android 12 on smart phones implements 911 calls in the setting for "Safety & emergency".

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1 year ago

Only a device capable of voice service can call 911.  (in some states it's possible to text 911, which the harman Spark also cannot do) Harman Spark is a data only device not capable of voice or text service.

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