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Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 8:24 AM

Unlock my Phone - completed 22months on 24month contract

I'm at times frustrated with AT&T customer service. What they practice or advise as a policy once, the very next time another customer service agent denies. 


My situation:

1. Have been an AT&T customer for 10 years now

2. Have my phone on a 2yr or 24months contract.

3. Have completed 22months, and am running on the 23rd month.


I'm travelling abroad to India for a month, and would of course like to use my phone there with a sim from a local cellular provider. Hence I need to sim unlock my phone. Once am back in the US, and upon completion of my 2 yrs, I'm going to be upgrading to a new phone.


While one agent told me your account is good and it will be done, he pointed me to the online site But my request was rejected. Now I called back, and another customer service agent tells me, no this cannot be done. You will need to wait for the 2yrs to be complteted.


Note - Interestingly I have done this in the past with my older phones.


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP?? Or is it indeed a good time to say goodbye to AT&T? I'm seriously frustrated.

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9 years ago

AT&T requirements for unlocking are that the contract be complete before unlocking. From what I have read, they won't sway from the requirement. Most other providers will not unlock a phone that is under contract.

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9 years ago

You have two options with AT&T. Pay the ETFS and request unlocking, which will take time.


Add the international plan for $5 for a month, and $ .05 per minute for calls.

Finacially it might be a break even, but you may not have time to fiddle with unlock portal and waiting periods involved.

Contact customer service for more information.
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