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Sat, Aug 8, 2020 6:27 PM

Unable to unlock BB Classic, previous owner didn’t pay the bill


I got my BlackBerry classic and it came locked to AT&T, I thought it would be a simple thing to unlock since AT&T has a nifty unlock tool, but it turns out the previous owner didn’t pay the phone bill, and that is locked with the IMEI number, so AT&T didn’t want to unlock it for me and told me to ask the previous owner to do it, but alas the person I bought it from didn’t seem to be able to do so since they aren’t the previous owner, they are a company on eBay that sells phones that people give them, so there is no way I or they could get a hold of them, and I have no way of using my SIM since I am from Canada.

AT&T wants me to call a number to get this whole thing sorted out but the number they provide is from the US and I don’t have international calling available. I am unsure about what I should do in this situation because I don’t want to have to send the phone back since I paid a decent amount of money for it and it would be a shame to send it back!

does anyone know a way to get around the payment problem or any other way to unlock it?

PS, no I am not willing to pay for a 3rd party to unlock it since I don’t feel like getting scammed out of my money or if the code is wrong, I just paid for nothing.


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2 months ago

Thanks for reaching out to us @YourAverageGuy


We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble with unlocking your device. Allow us to provide you the answers!


As per general requirements for unlock requests, we're unable to unlock the BlackBerry device since it was purchased through a 3rd-party retailer, and all device service commitments/installments payments must be completed with no remaining balance.


It is recommended to reach out to the seller or original owner of the cellphone to have them submit a device unlock request on your behalf. You can review our previous forum post AT&T Device Unlock Help for more information. 


We hope this helps, and have a good weekend!


Dwight, AT&T Community Specialist  

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