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Thu, Jul 14, 2022 8:53 PM

Transferring to Another Cartier

I have been unable to get any help with my account. My bank account was frozen over a weekend because my bank thought there was fraud. There wasn't. I was using a VPN, and I had the situation cleared by Monday. Unfortunately, the bank stopped all incoming and outgoing posts until the situation could be cleared. All other automatic payments that were effected have been re-established, but AT&T cannot remove the flag. In fact, online customer service and customer service at the store cannot see a problem. I was told that my EFT should go through as normal, but that is not the case. I was told to open a new bank account, which I refuse to do, so I am forced to go to another carrier. A rep made my first post private, and I received an automated text to set up automatic payments. I cannot stress enough that the system willl not take the bank account number and routing number that I have used for over a decade to pay my AT&T and DirecTv bills. I think they have flagged my account as fraud, but my bank cleared that up in the first week of June. My bank account was NOT a victim of fraud, but AT&T cannot change the account flag. My banking account has been the same since 1990. The AI text system is of no help in this issue, so I have no idea why I even received a text from it advising me to take steps that I had taken online with a phone rep and in person at the store to no avail.

My question is two-fold. I have a balance due on one phone, which I am paying today to transition to another carrier because I refuse to open another bank account just for AT&T. How long do I need to wait to request my EMEI on this one device that had a balance to be unblocked to go to another carrier? The second question is similar. How long before requesting an EMEI to be unblocked on my fully paid devices can I switch to another carrier?

I've enjoyed my AT&T service, and it is unfortunate that my service has to end this way, but I am not going to an AT&T store every month to pay my account in cash, and I am not opening another bank account for one bill.


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Not sure what you mean by “request my EMEI”, that’s not a thing. I think what you are asking is how long do you have to wait after paying off a phone to put in an unlock request. The unlock request website says to wait at least 48 hours. In practice, it can take 1-2 weeks for the unlock portal to update. My advice is wait at least a week. Your phone’s IMEI (not EMEI) is in your phone settings. You can look it up at anytime. You can switch to another carrier at anytime but waiting until your phone is unlocked is a good idea.

As for paying your ATT bill, why not use a credit or debit card instead of EFT from bank account? No need to open a new bank account with either of those. Just a thought.

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