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Friday, March 8th, 2024 8:16 PM

Trade in Issues 2x in Less than year- AT&T Assurant 3rd Party receives phones

As a 35+ year IT Knowledge worker, I certainly understand how people try and defraud companies by sending back, totally unworkable devices, stolen items, etc.   Well, stating that, I have now had 2 horrible experiences with the AT&T Trade In program, where you send back your phones to a third party, Assurant, that AT&T utilizes for their program.

Last August, I returned a PERFECTLY good working IPhone 13 for a trade and after seeing no completion on my trade in progress, I called the AT&T Trade in # and they "claimed" the battery blew up on shipment and was not working.  After digging my heals in, knowing that I sent a perfectly working phone, and before sending took not only photos of the phone working, but a video as well.   I always do this to protect yourself and have proof , if EXACTLY this scenario happens.   After hearing this and spending multiple hours on calls, and digging into, turns out the IMEI # they were claiming (battery blew up) didn't EVEN match my returned phones IMEI.  I wrote to AT&T Office of the CEO and within, 4 days, received my credit, from a very professional AT&T manager.

Okay, skip now to Feb, and took my wifes, perfectly working Samsung S20+ for the program and returned it again to (AT&T) Assurant in Tenn.    Of course, this time , i took even more photos of every angle , screens working and VIDEOs of the phone turning on, off and more, just in case.   Figured couldn't possibly happen again......yeah right.......Phone shows processed on Feb 22, but never completed.  I call AT&T Trade in help today (March 8th) and they tell me the screen is not working and has burn in (interesting to know that its burnt in , if it doesn't work).    Of course, this is a(Edited per community guidelines)olutely another case of potential fraud by this company.

I can see why so many people post about this and file complaints with the FCC and BBB.   I just wrote again to the Office of CEO of AT&T for help again to get this (Edited per community guidelines) resolved with all my supporting proof (7 still pictures and 1 video of the perfectly working phone before I boxed it up)

So, my point here.  TOTALLY protect yourself by taking , good multiple images of your working phone, from ALL angles, and a video of it, as well, turning on and off and working perfectly.

Something is definitely NOT right with this company that maintains the return program for AT&T.  PROTECT YOURSELF

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3 months ago

On Monday, March 11th, I raised this issue to AT&Ts Office of The President.

Within, a few hours ,the executive advised that the trade in program was based on "any condition" and I will be receiving my full $1000 trade in.  The rep who answered the Trade In line never mentioned that and the AT&T executive said they had it flagged incorrectly. 

Point of story. MAKE SURE, you totally follow all rules involved for the return and take multiple pictures and even video of it working correctly before shipping it out

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3 months ago

The 100% best way to have zero issues is by handing it to a local corporate store yourself, it then becomes their liability and problem when things go wrong. The entire interaction is also on camera :)

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3 months ago

Don't write to the CEO. It will probably go nowhere. If you want to discuss this directly with someone from AT&T who MAY be able to straighten it out file an online complaint with the BBB. That gets forwarded directly to AT&T Upper Management and someone from the Office of the President will contact you. They usually have the resources and authority to handle issues like this far and above the usual CS Agents. And, being as you have proof, they may be able to come to a resolution that is beneficial for both. I personally would never use the trade-in program for any carrier because there are just too many issues, caveats, and gotchas.

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