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Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 9:48 PM

Telemarketers AT&T won't do anything

I get constant telemarketing calls (up to 12 a day.) Signed up for the Do Not Call List, filed complaints, contacted AT&T and was guaranteed several times that the calls would stop. 

Leo S: And this time, I assure you that you will not get the calls anymore.

Johnbel: Rest assured that after 24 hours will not receive any telemarketing calls in your mobile phone numbers.
Ash: I've successfully Blocked the Calls from Debt Collectors, Telemarketers, Political Calls, Surveys, General Spam.
Nothing happened. I've got a flip phone and they're not willing to do anything to resolve the problem. I would sign up for, but AT&T doesn't allow that service. The only suggestions they had was paying for a service that blocks every call from someone who isn't in my contact list (not really a realistic option) or change my phone number. I can tell you right now if these calls can't be stopped I will be changing my number. To a service that isn't AT&T. Terrible service. Liars. Villains!

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5 years ago

Att is very much doing some thing about it....

First of all you have to understand that until October of 2017 it was not legal for a carrier to block calls, no matter who or how they were made.  In January ATT introduced ATT Call Protect to block those calls.  It works excellent on phones and plans than the program works on.  

However, ATT Call Protect and nomorobo both require a smartphone as they are Apps.  


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