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Monday, March 6th, 2023 4:27 PM

Slow hotspot

My phone pulls over 100 mbps on speed tests and I can tether other items, TV, work computer, etc with zero issues. However, my Netgear hotspot only pulls 60 mbps (when working), multiple devices have trouble connecting, says no internet connection on a regular basis and when "working" it is not capable enough for my WFH needs.  How can my phone be so much better than a hotspot?!? Only thing I can think of is the dual-band capability of the hotspot may reduce its effectiveness but that is just a guess.  I will have to make a change if I cannot get better performance. 

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7 months ago

We're here to help you with your mobile HotSpot Kiddno1.


There are a few reasons why you may be having trouble with your HotSpot connection:

  • Device or Electronics near your HotSpot

  • Walls & Building design 

  • The number of people surfing or streaming

  • How far away you are from the HotSpot

  • LTE Coverage - Check now!

Resetting your device (PC, tablet, phone, etc) and HotSpot is the fastest fix in most cases. If you are using your phone as a HotSpot, a reset may help and connect it to the best tower. 


You can troubleshoot your mobile device hotspot on our device support page . Sign in for a more personalized experience. 


Let us know if this helps you out.


Marilyn, AT&T Community Specialist

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3 months ago

I have an ATT hotspot  a ZTE model number MF923 device ID ZV-86419478 hardware version xx4A, I have checked for software updates (none are available) and I am running software version MF923V2.6. 

I have factory reset the device

There is a brand new sim card in the device

I have called ATT and they have reset the sim card and resubscribed it.

I have rebooted the device several times

I have turned of wifi and connected the hotspot directly to my computer via USB

The best download speed I can acheive is 4Mbps

I do a comparaison test with an IPHONE 11 connected to an ATT tower and I get 51Mbps.

Why am I getting speeds 10 times slower with the Hotspot?

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