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Wed, Nov 14, 2012 2:46 AM

Samsung Galaxy s III Unlocking questions?

Hey, I have a Galaxy s III I would like to unlock for travel purposes but don't have the SIM I would be using yet. I would like to get this taken care of ASAP and don't want to be stuck out of the country without a phone working. What carriers in the states have sims that can be used to unlock the phone? I know Verizon has a CDMA network that GSM smartphones can't work on, but will the unlocking process work using a Verizon phone? Or maybe do I need a T-Mobile SIM? I've never unlocked a phone before and am quite confused. I had a T-Mobile normal sized SIM but it is not recognizing it in my phone after cutting it down (I should have bought a tool to do it but was too impatient). I am now looking for another SIM to either buy or get ahold of to unlock the phone. Any help would be appreciated. 


I believe the process is quite simple once I have a working SIM.. pop it in and turn the phone on, it asks for the code and done. I have heard people can even use old SIMs that are no longer connected to an activated account, is this true as well? Can it be ANY SIM as long as it works? If this was the case.. Wouldn't my cut T-Mobile SIM work even though its junked? Thanks in advance for the help! 


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     I found a few links for you that might help you out in your decision. The first one has some information on Sims, the second one is a discussion in the forum that might help you out as well. Good Luck.


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it can be any GSM non-ATT SIM card.

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