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Sunday, August 25th, 2019 2:18 AM


Wow, seems lying to customers about them receiving a rewards card to make a sale is a frequent and ongoing tactic

June 4, 2019..I too was promised a $300 reward card, by a rep in the store and a rep on the phone when I got my new devices. I went to upgrade ONE phone and ended up getting 2 phones and an additional line all because of the reward I was promised. July 03..After 1 month of not receiving the email I called, was told by that rep he couldn't find it, said he took care of it I would get it in 7-10 business days, even gave me a confirmation number. July 19..Still not received, called again, was told she couldn't find it, confirm # didn't mean anything/didn't exist anywhere. She said she was speaking with the reward center while I was on hold and that it had AGAIN been taken care of and I would receive it in 7-10 business days. She said I could track it in the meantime on the rewards site. June 24...checked site, said no reward found. Called again, talked to 7 different people in at least 4 different departments, was given 3 different reasons, none of which made any sense, as to why I was, all of a sudden, now not eligible for the reward. Last person I spoke to said I was eligible and to wait another week as it hadn't been the 10 business days yet?? Aug 13... still nothing, called again, now this last call was actually 4 different calls as I kept getting disconnected as I was transferred 9 Times and spoke to 13 DIFFERENT PEOPLE, none of which in the end was able to help me. Half of them told me I was eligible and they didn't know why I didn't get it and the other half gave me at least 4 different excuses why I wasn't eligible. When I insisted to talk to a supervisor I was told he was on with another call, I insisted on waiting, after waiting for about 1 1/2 hours the man on the phone went through the whole story with me AGAIN. He told me he could do a conference call with reward center since customer service and rewards kept insisting that they couldn't help me and I had to talk to the other one. Now, of course by this point the reward center is closed. He assured me that he PERSONALLY would call me back the next day to do the conference call. Got my number, best time to call everything AUGUST 24th STILL WAITING FOR MY CALL BACK!!! I will now be canceling my service AS SOON AS IT IS POSSIBLE. I have been with AT&T for over 12 years, I pay them over $400 a month! Really sad that it has come to me cancelling them over a $300 reward, but I really feel that the way I was deceived into purchasing something I didn't need with the promise of the reward "covering the activation and cost for at least 1 year" and then to continually be given the run around and straight up lied to is beyond anything I am willing to accept. I have spent a total of 11 HOURS to get this taken care of and it is obviously clear that they are not interested in taking care of their customers, no matter how long you have stuck with them.

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