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Saturday, March 18th, 2023 4:40 AM


Response to AT&T being scam artists

This comment is regarding the lies and deception as well as fraudulent scams by AT&T and I got to say these accusations and claims are 100% without a doubt sure if any agent knowing me back in this app is just as bad shame on you because I was just recently scammed just last week by an AT&T representative when I was a Shopping peacefully in the target I was approached by a legitimate AT&T representative. It was convinced that

He could give me a better deal on better Phones and better plan and then I will get free phones for every line. I’ll begin with them for switching from Verizon and that because I was skeptical and I really wasn’t sure Siri insisted that if I didn’t like the phones the first 14 days trading for a different phone or you can get your money back under buyers remorse !

So this is where the scam comes in not only did I not get the phones I agreed on, but they were not free like they promised as well as what they advertise the same free phone if you switch , the monthly bill plan was four times more than what he said it would be , the phones did not come in two days like they were supposed to like we were promised so we went without phones for two days, not to mention the phone I got Samsung 23+ is a piece of crap. It has so many glitches. It doesn’t even hold a charge it doesn’t charge past 23% it will continuously top me off my projects and applications. I was on continuously as I was also on a data plan, the highest and best one they had and it was it’s not supposed to slow down the matter how much you used well it wasn’t even a week that went by and it’s slow down the last two days so bad I couldn’t even connect to the Internet anymore it is been a complete and utter nightmare for now with me and my husband, but my whole entire family my husband lost a contract that was worth of almost $10,000 as well as I work on mine I lost three days of work and I could not complete any of my projects for my clients on time, so I lost some clients over this

so when I tried to do the exchange them just a day after I received the phones, I must’ve spoke to you about when is the 30 representatives over a week who continue to throw a curveball at the curveballs basically keep telling me that because I bought them in a target store that I don’t fall under that category to get a trade-in within 14 days but you know what that’s where the scam starts and comes in at because I did not purchase the phones from anybody, but AT&T OK according to my bank statement AT&T is the one that charged my bank for that $160 in phone taxes and it’s AT&T who mailed me the phones because I tracked them back to their location and the address tell me curveballs to do this or to go there. Every representative said something different OK not one of them were helpful in anyway. Everyone of them but one was ignorant condescending and really just didn’t give a crap and today I figured because I had till the 20th before the 14 days would be up. I would give them more chance to make it right before I legally exercise my rights, and now they’re telling me that if I trade the man I won’t get the promotional value that I was promised but I’m going to end this there because this is now become a legal matter because my family has been through (Edited per community guidelines) and back this past week my husband and I lost wages I work online to those days I couldn’t what is the phones didn’t come on time but I also messed up two projects that I was working on some clients so not only did I lose have a very good amount of money, but I also lost a couple clients as well and my perfect reputation, I worked so hard to maintain, was take it ruined

Not to mention my husband missed out on a $6000 contract because his employee could not get a hold of him the day before they were supposed to start the job and they couldn’t work so therefore my husband showed up at work that day with no workers and he had to reschedule but the guy with somebody else because he was in a preacher contract just like AT&T does all the time this entire situation should never of happened it’s very sickening and wrong. This is fraud on so many different levels. Now, if I went out there in the world and was scamming people and making them believe they were going to get this and that, and whatever for the certain amount of money we owe to take it and I took their money and never gave them what they were promised and then she’ll leave a little bit to catch up with me. I’m gonna do a lot of time in prison right right so I rest my case oh, one more thing anybody and everybody else that has been lied to and scammed by AT&T get a hold of me because I’m in a little getting ready to do a status (Edited per community guidelines) against and we can all get together and do another (Edited per community guidelines) (Edited per community guidelines) like the $60 billion one that they had to pay off years ago for doing the same sort of crap

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9 months ago

@OttoPylot time for you to cut bait. You're the one contradicting yourself. Make up your mind. First you stated there are lots of complaints on social media about providers and they have gone nowhere then you say all providers have been sued at one time of another. Then you say the FCC complaints work the same way as the BBB complaints which is a lie cause you and I both know as you stated above formal and legal merit go through the FCC to the FTC who holds legal weight. This is not true for BBB complaints. If you're helping customers by telling them to file complaints with the BBB then you're really not helping at all. What is Support getting paid for. You mean to tell me you're here giving free assistance while the person behind the phone with AT&T support is getting paid to feed people a(Edited per community guidelines)olute (Edited per community guidelines). Sounds like you 🤔 never mind. We all know who needs to cut bait and go (Edited per community guidelines) off elsewhere 🤡


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9 months ago

This is pointless.

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