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Fri, Jan 24, 2020 7:53 PM

Refund of a phone I returned to AT&T 3 months ago

I returned a newly bought phone at full prize to AT&T after I received the return UPS bill. It has been 3 months and 4 different discussions over chat and phone call and after every time I got the answer that I will get my refund in 10 days, I am still waiting for it. Who can help and how do I get my refund from AT&T?

Can someone guide me how to resolve it?I have sent the bill, and phone in the original box at the address provided and the has been confirmed by one of the associates who once took my call (spent 87 minutes).


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3 weeks ago

Hi there. ?Loyal customer? to ATT 7+ years. I’ve been going on 6 months of “this credit will be issued in 1-2 billing cycles”, and 3+ suspensions, and today, a termination letter. They put the phone I returned on my bill, and I’m disputing. I don’t have the phone, so not going to pay it. If you want me to pay for the phone, I want it back, right?

I’m still paying my services charges every month. Still not resolved, nor does anyone follow-up but this is the info I’ve accumulated FOR EVERYTIME I’ve called. Have every agent document the call. Hang up on the worthless or confrontational agents. Don’t waste your time. I’ve given them 3+ hrs every call. DOCUMENT names, badge #s of agents, depts & numbers & the date(s) u called.

1. Find your return email - [email scrubbed] email in your email box. Mine says “we’ve received your return on 10/25” - refund under review.

2. Track the tracking number

3. Transfer to E-commerce to verify & note your account it’s returned.

4. If u have directTV and wireless or more services, call “unified billing” @ (Phone number hidden). Agents were telling me that they either couldn’t access my unified account or this is the ONLY department that can credit my account.

5. I’ve found the LOYALTY folks are ATT’s sharpest tools. They can add the numbers quickly and follow what’s going on. Also based in the USA. They also looked up my order return email & found my item was RETURNED (most other depts don’t do this). (Phone number hidden) “day retention agent”.

6. Leave messages for corporate. I’m a stockholder as well. I’m beyond (Edited per community guidelines).

I’ve only encountered 4-5 really sharp ATT agents out of the 100 people I’ve spoken with. **AT&T - pay attention to what I’m saying. ****YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS UNSATISFACTORY, and there is competition.

Rant is not directed at you, but I’m beyond fed up and exploring other options. Total debacle. Good luck. Message me if anything else.