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Wed, Nov 23, 2016 7:53 PM

Put current SIM card into new ATT-provided replacement phone?

Just received the free replacement phone (an LG B470 flip phone) due to the 2G phase-out. My current phone, Motorola C168i, (yes, I know it's old) which still works flawlessly other than the 2-G issue, uses a miniSIM card, which has "32K" shown on it. I have been on the same ATT plan for about 15 years (!), so it has been a month-to-month for quite a while. In the letter which came with the new phone, it says I should "activate my new device through our easy step-by-step automated process" within 10 days or they will automate it for here's my question--Is it even necessary to "automate" this new phone if I simply put my current SIM card into it, rather than using the "blank" SIM card that came with the new phone? I did a little research and what I found says that this 32K current card should work fine phone in this new 3G phone, just pop it in and carry on without having to do anything, and my plan stays the same, etc. Is this correct? Please reply in laymen's terms, LOL!


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4 years ago

Hi @OldUser!


You’re correct! Everything on the account will remain the same. 


What worries me though is the fact that since you received the new SIM card with the replacement phone, after the 10 days passes, it will automatically update the account to reflect the new SIM card that was sent to you. The good thing is, if you would like to remain with the old SIM card, just contact us and we can remove the new one so your service is not interrupted.


If you select to use the new SIM card, you can visit our AT&T Activation website to get that fixed right up!


Have a fantastic weekend!


Demetria, AT&T Community Specialist

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