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Tuesday, February 21st, 2023 4:43 AM

Old phone trade in

I've never felt so cheated they promised me 800 credit towards a new phone if I trade in my old phone in working condition. Now a year later I never got any credits and they want me to pay full price for a phone I can't afford. They knew I was signing up under the promotion and offered me like the choice of 3 unlimited plans and I chose rhe middle plan because I didn't need Netflix and nowhere in the fine print did it sat I have to get the 5 dollar more a month plan or not get the credit. Thr facf thst they even took my phone shows they followed thru with the promotion 

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7 months ago

@Mikepaul1  so either you're a T-Mobile customer and very confused as to who is providing you service and who stiffed you on the deal.

How much are you paying and who are you paying?  

Or according to this comment:

and I chose the plan that fits my uses which I thought was like 60 a month 

The starter plan has a base price of $75 for one line. With the autopay and paperless billing discount it drops that to $65. By the time taxes and fees are added back on it is still back up to close to$70 or $75 again. The starter plan is eligible for the trade-in deal.

  If your plan is the unlimited value plus plan which does have a base price of $60, $50 after auto-pay and paperless billing discount plus taxes and fees which may bring it back up again to close to $60 you are not on a qualifying plan.

It is not the "middle" plan which is the unlimited extra plan which has a base price of $85.  Autopay and paperless billing discounts that plan to $75 before taxes and fees. 

These are the published prices for the three lines that are eligible and were eligible one year ago for the trade in deal.

The only perk AT&T has ever offered on the top tier Elite plan is HBO Max.  AT&T discontinued the elite plan in June 2022 in favor of the premium plan which does not offer HBO Max. It does not offer any video perk at all .

AT&T has never offered Netflix.  Not ever.

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