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Thu, Aug 6, 2020 4:32 AM

Not receiving texts/going to wrong number

I have had a few weird incidents where someone has attempted to text my number and I never got the texts and someone else responded to them saying they had the wrong number. What is weird is these are individuals who have my contact saved on their phone and it keeps happening to the same people sporadically. For example, a few times within the last 6 months my Dad has attempted to text me and he says the person receiving the text says that he has the wrong number even though it is my cell number saved in his phone. I asked him to see if next time that person would share what their number is. Is it possible that someone has the same cell number as me? Why would this be happening? Also, not sure if it’s an important details but every time I am aware that this has happened, the person trying to text me has a phone number with the same area code as me. Thanks I’m advance for your help!



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2 months ago

Hi @Abijman,


Thanks for reaching out! We'd love to assist.


The first thing we'll need to know is what type of device you have. This will help us determine whether this is a common issue or not. After that, we'd like more information on the contacts that have been unable to reach you. Do they have similar devices? Is your number saved correctly in their device? Have you tried to text them first to see if they get the text correctly? These things will help us determine what's going on.


We look forward to your response!


Collin, AT&T Community Specialist

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a month ago

Of course! I have an iPhone 8 and so does my dad. As for the other contact this happened with, it was actually my hair salon who sends automatic texts to rate how your appointment was. What was weird is that I did get their appointment reminder texts, but not the one to rate it and what ended up happening is that It went to the wrong number because the salon got a low rating and a derogatory comment and called me about it because it was not a typical response from me - and it was not me who sent it since I never got it. I think those texts come from an automated computer system and I confirmed they had the correct number. My dad also has the correct number saved. Also, if I text him first it works and he received the message. It only happens when he texts me first in a chain of texts, and not every time, I want to say it’s only happened about 5 times total in the last year. Also, as I’m thinking, I realized that this didn’t start happening until I switched carriers and transferred my number. I used to have Verizon and than in March 2019 I switched to at&t as I went on my employers plan and I had my old number transferred from Verizon to my current at&t plan. Thanks for the help! 

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