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Thursday, October 16th, 2014 8:27 PM

Nokia Windows 1020 SCREEN FREEZING frequently, and hot to the touch - DOES YOURS? HELP?

LOVE my Nokia Window 1020 phone.  functioned well for months with no problems.  I did notice that it often became hot to the touch when charging or when getting a lot of use - espeically around the camera area.  But other than that - loved it.


Then about a month ago - the screen would just freeze.  the first two times, it "reset/unfroze" after plugging into the charger.  Then twice it jsut froze and could no nothing with it until the battery ran out and could restart it.  The last time, the ATT help center had me try all kind of button combinations until if finally turned off...but then could not turn it back on.    About 24 hours later, it started working again after I made an appointment at ATT service center.


Took to service center, they took phone took off the windows 8 and reset to Windows 8. Lost a few things, but not to bad.  Seemed to be working until a couple hours later when I got a phone call and realized my speaker no longer worked - so I could hear the caller, but they could not hear me.   On speaker phone - it worked, but not on standard mode.   Took it back to service center - gave me new phone (under warrenty).


New phone worked for about 10 days....yesterday it froze up twice.....both while using two different apps.   One time was able to power it down and back up.  Then next time - had to to wait for batter to run out.   Now today - did same thing - but got very hot and would not start back up.   Now plugged it back tried to start back up - but only got to the Nokia screen sn froze up again.


DOES YOUR 1020 get hot to to the touch?  Freeze up?  causes? solutions?




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9 years ago

Hey i had a similar problem with my 1520. If you have Cortana pinned to the screen try upinning it. That solved the problem for me. Also just open kids corner and then disable it again.


Hope this helps.



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